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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 12-14-11

Arizona State passing game will challenge Boise State's secondary

One of Arizona State's strengths is their passing game. And we all know how thin Boise State's secondary has gotten. We're still waiting to hear if Jamar Taylor will return from his knee injury to play in the bowl game and to see if Iloka will return to safety or remain at corner.

Boise State comes in 2nd in 2011 Academic Bowl Championship

The Academic Bowl Championship is comprised of four different components: the overall graduation rate of the team relative to the school, the difference between black and white players' graduation rate, the difference between black and white graduation rates at the school overall and the difference between the graduation rates of black players and the school's overall black student population. Penn State was number one. It's good to know that Boise State athletes are graduating.

Dr. Saturday ranks TCU upset the third greatest of this year

He only has Texas Tech's win over Oklahoma and Iowa State's win over Oklahoma State ahead of TCU's win over Boise State. It still hurts to read the synopsis of the game.

Fresno State rumored to have hired Texas A&M defensive coordinator and interim coach Tim DeRuyter

Glad to see that Fresno State's coaching search wasn't as long and drawn out as Arizona State's seems to be. And totally unrelated and perplexing is the report that Auburn's offensive coordinato Guz Malzahn has agreed to coach Arkansas State and take a huge pay cut. Rumor is he really wanted out of Auburn.

Bowls' misdeeds and backwards logic dissected again

The Miami News Times does a good job at detailing just how bowl games really work from the their status as non profits that allow them to evade paying taxes to the guaranteed ticket sales that schools are forced to take on themselves. If you've read Death to the BCS then you already know this, but the paper does a good job hitting the high notes of why the system is so corrupt.