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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 12-13-11

Virginia Tech has resorted to asking fans to buy "proxy" tickets

Virginia Tech has sold just over half of their 17,500 ticket allotment to the Sugar Bowl. Now they're starting to sweat. Before you go shoot off an email to the Sugar Bowl telling them "I told you so" with the ticket situation, realize that they could care less. Virginia Tech is on the hook for these tickets. And at at least $120 a ticket, Virginia Tech is facing potentially a $960,000 loss on tickets alone. Next time, Virginia Tech, you should just say "thanks, but not thanks".

Mountain West still plans to request a BCS exemption

Can't blame them for still trying, but it seems like the poor Mountain West is about a step or two behind everyone else. Even if the waiver is granted, it would only exist for the next two years through 2014. Then all bets are off as to what will happen with the BCS.

UCLA withholds expense checks to players for not completing voluntary workouts

Or at least that's how the players interpreted it. These checks are part of a provision that allows schools to pay players for food and expenses when university services are shut down. UCLA has now relented under public pressure and the irony of playing in the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl.

Bronco Stadium expansion a go

Somehow I missed this last week. Last Thursday the State Board of Education approved the next phase of expansion at Bronco Stadium. The plan is to replace the bleachers in the end zones with seats that should connect to the concourses on either side. The idea is to be able to offer more family plans which are very popular.

Colorado State hires Alabama offensive coordinator Jim McElwain

Colorado State must have been really impressed with the offensive output of Alabama in that Game Of The Century That Ultimately Meant Nothing. Now this should be interesting how this affects Bama for the national championship game. McElwain has agreed to stay on. I'd say advantage LSU.