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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 12-1-11

Boise State blows out Drake 108-64

Drew Wiley led the way with 17 points going 5 for 5 behind the arc. As a team Boise State was 14 of 22 on 3-pointers for the night. The Broncos generated 20 assists on the night. I'd say this Leon Rice guy is pretty good, eh? The Broncos will take on Indiana State on Saturday.

Michael Weinreb does the dang thing on Boise State for Grantland

He goes further that I expected by saying that Boise State should play LSU for the nation title. I had resigned my fact that a loss for Boise State eliminates them from contention no matter what. I won't feel indignant if they don't make the title game but I appreciate the argument he makes. The heart of the story though is how he explains how high the bar of expectations is set for Boise State that all they can do is fail. He encapsulates the feeling that we have as fans. I'm sure he will get lots of hate mail and negative comments for this piece, but I think he captured what it's like to be Boise State beautifully.

Rick Reilly reports that Chris Petersen has a special needs son, Brian Murphy quickly sets the record straight

Reilly was reporting a rumor that UCLA was offering a 5 year, $20 million contract and great care at the UCLA Medical Center for the Petersen's "special needs" kid. Well, Murphy quickly tweeted that the Petersen's do not have a son with special needs but that he survived cancer. Glad we can put this to rest, hopefully.

Kellen Moore not named a finalist for the Walter Camp Player of the Year award

The finalists are Robert Griffin III, Andrew Luck, Trent Richardson, Case Keenum and Tyrann Mathieu. At first I wanted to blame the Mountain West and then I wanted to blame ESPN but then I realized it's really the voters in college football that are too lazy to watch a Boise State game that isn't televised on ESPN. However, Moore was named a finalist for the Manning Award along with nine other QB's.

Washington State hires Mike Leach as next coach

Bruce Feldman, who co-wrote Mike Leach's book Swing Your Sword, was the first to report the deal. Of course ESPN just referenced for breaking the story which is better than Joe Schad just taking credit I guess. It will be very interesting to see what Mike Leach does a Washington State and how it affects recruiting in the Northwest.

Report: Jarrett Lee and others at LSU could be academically ineligible for bowl game

Alabama would be very sad if Jarrett Lee couldn't play. He was one of their best players in the Game That No Longer Matters.

Rumor that Big 10 is hiring seat fillers for the inaugural Big 10 Championship game with a Craigslist ad

The Big 10 is denying it but there are big chunks of tickets still available for the game and a random Craigslist ad showed up looking for seat fillers for an event in downtown Indianapolis Saturday night and that the people should wear red or dark green clothing. Now isn't this the conference from which every bowl is clamoring to invite teams because of how well they travel?

Texas A&M associated AD calls President a "putz" online, not as anonymous as he thought

This was hilarious to me. Associate AD, Jeff Toole, got on a Texas A&M message board and told everyone what he thought of president R. Bowen Loftin in what he thought was an anonymous posting. Well one user went back into Toole's comment history and found where Toole had identified himself. Oops! But to be fair, anyone goes by an initial then middle name has 95% chance of being a putz.