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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 11-9-11

Gary Patterson understands that Boise State will try to run up the score

At least that's how I took his comments during his Tuesday media conference call. He did say what everyone knows but what few rarely verbalize, Boise State needs to beat TCU soundly to improve their position in the polls. So, if Kellen Moore throws his 6th TD during the last 2 minutes to push the lead to 40 points, we're all cool, right?

Our acquaintances at Spit Blood have proposed a tongue in cheek boycott of potatoes this week

It's an interesting tactic to send a message to Idaho's economy that TCU fans don't like Boise State, but I just suspect that TCU fans really just want an easier work week and not to have to drop as many baskets of fries. Nice try though!

Adam James would like you to get a chance to know the real Adam James

In his first interview since his dad orchestrated the firing of Mike Leach, Adam James would like you to know that your words don't hurt him. Adam, I'm sure you will have a very privileged life living off the money that ESPN continues to pay your dad for some reason we're all not aware of. 

Timeline of events at Penn State

This is a very well written piece detailing the timeline and the allegations that led up to Sandusky's eventual arrest. Also, Michael Weinreb grew up in State College, PA and is especially rocked by the allegations and puts it into perspective. Those are two great pieces to read up on as the ongoing saga and the calls for Joe Paterno to step down continue on. 

Boise State basketball opens season with exhibition game against UC-Colorado Springs, wins convincingly

Boise State rolled to a 93-47 win Tuesday night. Boise State opens their season officially on Friday against Colorado Christian.