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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 11-7-11

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TCU ready for the challenge of playing Boise State on The Blue

TCU and Gary Patterson are saying all the right things about the game on Saturday. And despite TCU not playing up to the level that they have been in recent past, they are still very dangerous and will be playing with nothing to lose come Saturday. I'm sensing some trickeration. 

Writer lumps in Brotzman with Buckner and Bartman

He's trying to make a point about Arizona State kicker Alex Garoutte whose missed field goals cost ASU a win over UCLA, but I think he misses the point badly. What sets Buckner and Bartman apart was how the fans of their teams turned on them and vilified them for losses. That did not happen for Brotzman. It's a lazy comparison to make in my opinion. 

The LSU Alabama rematch chants are starting

Luckily, it won't happen yet and they are in the minority now but ESPN is laying the ground work for it. I sure can't wait for another game consisting of great defenses, ineptitude quarterback play, bad special teams play by one team and a Heisman caliber running back whose offensive coordinator can't figure out how to use! Where do I sign up for that game again? As great as both of these team's defenses are, we saw 2 incomplete teams.

Missouri officially joins the SEC

This realignment news is becoming so mundane now. I'm sure Chip Brown doesn't like when all of this is out in the open and no one is surprised. This does not set in motion West Virginia going to the Big 12 to replace Missouri. How quickly that will happen will apparently be up to the courts. The Big East counter sued West Virginia on Friday over this issue. 

Happy Birthdays!

Happy belated birthday to player Blake Renaud whose birthday was yesterday. Today is reader sczmbz's birthday and player Robbie Lusk's. Hope you guys get everything you were hoping for!