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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 11-30-11

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Tyrone Crawford would like more sacks

I think we all share his sentiment. Boise State led the nation in sacks last year with 49 for the year. So far, they are 85th with only 18 sacks on the year. Crawford has had a definite impact in his 2 years at Boise State after transferring from junior college Bakersfield College. He had intended to come straight to Boise State but took the wrong classes in his native Windsor, Ontario and was not eligible for NCAA athletics. Tyrone is one of the 21 seniors that will be honored before the game on Saturday.

The Big Lead investigates Craig James' bias against Boise State

And they find out what we already know -- Craig James has a serious bias against Boise State that doesn't make any sense. The real highlight of this article though has to be the comments where users start to equate Craig James to the most annoying/worst things they can think of. Chadd Cripe found James' AP ballot this week so off the wall that he contacted the AP sports editor to see if they were going to do anything about it. So far, they will not step in. MWConnection's Jeremy Mauss has even started a petition to get James fired.

Bill Plaschke seems to have quite the sense of entitlement when it comes to UCLA

He makes it sound like UCLA deserves to have someone like Chris Petersen. Bill rattles off a bunch of stuff that I doubt means much to Coach Pete. I think he should do some homework on what someone like Chris Petersen actually looks for in a job and I'm guessing he wouldn't be looking to have a windbag like Bill Plaschke breathing down his neck.

The Sports Pickle has a handy guide to let you know if your team could win the national championship

Let's just all nod in agreement.

BYU AD Tom Holmoe talks about the Big East negotiations

He said that it's not true that BYU blew up the talks because they couldn't get the TV rights to all of their home games. He did say that they put forth a proposal that included BYU getting all of their home game TV rights and that they would be willing to sign that proposal right away. So I'm confused at what BYU thinks the breakdown actually was if it wasn't TV rights. Also, they never had a Big 12 invite.

Also, Coach Pete says talks about Boise State to the Big East seem to flip every week. So, who knows what's going on?

Boise State basketball hosts a big game against Drake tonight

Boise State is looking to avenge a loss last year to Drake in Iowa. Drake is 4-2 with one of those wins over the Cal State Northridge team that gave Boise State it's only loss this year Boise State beat 103-61 a couple weeks ago. The game tips off at 7 p.m.

Aaron Murray believed that Georgia would be in the SEC championship game after their loss to Boise State

I think he realized how good Boise State was and that the SEC East competition would be less. That's my guess.

Boise State football receives AFCA Academic Award

They are sharing it with Miami (OH) for having 100% graduation rate for freshman entering school in 2004. The award allows for a 6 year window.