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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 11-3-11

Hunter White is the ultimate special teams player

At the beginning of the year, Hunter vowed to coach Choate that he would win the The Rock, a 30 pound, custom made trophy going to the special teams player of the year. So far he has blocked two punts and returned a fumble for a touchdown on Air Force's botched fake punt. White's performance is also a testament to a coaching staff for keeping players motivated when they don't get as much playing time as they'd like. 

UNLV suspends five players for Boise State game 

Looks like only two players have contributed much, but this isn't a good start to the Rebels' upset bid.

Idaho high schools produce some pretty good football players too

A lot is made of how Boise State has been able to recruit in other states such as California and Texas, but Dave Southern explains how Boise State has taken advantage of the local talent too. Going into the game on Saturday, Boise State has 8 players listed on the depth chart that attended Idaho high schools. Mitch Burroughs also makes a good point that Idaho players are often overlooked and therefore have a chip on their shoulders. 

Bill Connelly predicts Boise State to the Fiesta Bowl against Oklahoma 

I'm still holding out for the Sugar Bowl against Alabama if Boise State can't make it to the national championship though. The Fiesta Bowl is so 5 years ago.

Charles Pierce predicts the new pay for play plan will be the end of the NCAA

He makes some great points. Even though the NCAA won't admit to the $2,000 a year payments to student athletes as pay for play, that's exactly what it is. And once you cross that line, what's the difference between that and $5,000 or $10,000? Not that the end of the NCAA is a bad thing.