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OBNUG Pick 'Em: Week Thirteen Results and Week Fourteen Games

Pick Em
Pick Em

We've reached the final week in the 2011 OBNUG Pick 'Em contest, so if you were planning to make a move, now would be a great time to do so. We have a ridiculous four-way tie for first place and 18 people within seven points of the leaders. It really is anyone's contest to take home.

Due to the conference championships and many teams being done playing, there are only 16 games on the slate this week. Choose wisely in order to make your move up the leaderboard and grab the coveted top place finish. 

Join me after the jump to see this week's slate of games.


Pick 'Em standings


1 NYBroncosFan 161
1 Kellen's Sandwich Shop 161
1 BroncoFever 161
1 Pun Involving Word Moore 161
5 OBNUG Intern 160
6 Pete Burns (Peet16) 159
6 NCAA Violations R Us 159
8 DrJrig (JRig) 157
8 The Ghost of Doug Harper 157
8 broncotough 157
8 @SmurfTurfAddict 157

Updated 11/29 9:00 a.m., lowest score dropped
Complete standings Group 1a
Complete standings Group 1b



This is a composite Top 10 from both Yahoo Pick Em groups. Full standings are available on your group homepage. A reminder of what's at stake: The overall winner of OBNUG Pick 'Em receives a real life Boise State jersey of his or her choice as well as a lifetime membership into the OBNUG Widget of Champions. Weekly prizes are awarded as well.

Hugs and handshakes to OBNUG member NYBroncosFan who won last week with a staggering 20, besting the rest of the field by at least two one. It was a high scoring week all around.  

The 20-point finish catapulted Mr. NYB up the leaderboard to take a share of first place. @SmurfTurfAddict, who has spent the majority of the season at or near the top, has now tumbled into a tie for eighth place and is four points out from the front. It really has been a crazy year.

Now onto this week's picks ...


Stone cold lock of the century of the week

Although Ohio State was not able to pull the upset over Michigan, the Buckeyes did cover, and I can now cleanse myself from the feeling of rooting for Ohio State, especially now that they have hired Urban Meyer.

Boise State (-48.5) OVER New Mexico

I have resisted picking Boise State as a lock of the century of the week all season long because their lines have been ridiculously high. Well, I'm ending that for today even though the line is still really high. I believe that the emotions of senior day will lead to an inspired performance by everyone, and I don't expect New Mexico to make it into the end zone.

The rest of Nick's picks

Reminder: picks are made against the spread. Also, gambling is illegal and you definitely shouldn't do it unless you're fairly confident you can make a couple bucks. 

  • Northern Illinois over Ohio
  • (8) Oregon over UCLA
  • Pittsburgh over Syracuse
  • (24) Southern Miss over (7) Houston
  • Cincinnati over Connecticut
  • (16) Kansas State over Iowa State
  • Wyoming over Colorado State
  • UNLV over (18) TCU
  • (19) Baylor over Texas
  • (1) LSU over (12) Georgia
  • Hawaii over BYU
  • (21) Clemson over (5) Virginia Tech
  • (3) Oklahoma State over (13) Oklahoma
  • (15) Wisconsin over (11) Michigan State
  • San Diego State over Fresno State

Bonus game

Not all games can fit into Yahoo's weekly Pick 'Em board, especially not the WAC ones that no one cares about. Well, we care about them. This week's bonus game:

Nevada (-19.5) OVER Idaho

The Fighting Akeys finish the season with a whimper this week against Nevada. I don't think a Vandal season could have gone more perfectly for a Boise State fan. The charismatic Akey has been kept out of the media spotlight, and Boise State didn't have to play Idaho. It's like they don't even exist anymore!

Your turn

Feel free to share your picks in the comments and/or discuss this week's slate of games. What is your lock of the week? How did your picks fare last time out? Share your thoughts in the comments.