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Martin and Moore lead Boise State to 36-14 win over Wyoming

Doug Martin ran for 150 yards, Kellen Moore threw three touchdowns, and the Boise State defense rose up to give the Broncos a 36-14 win over the Wyoming Cowboys. The win clinches no worse than a second place finish in the Mountain West for the Broncos and keeps BSU's BCS dream alive. Now here's hoping for CFB chaos elsewhere.

Share your thoughts on Boise State's win in the comments, and check back in a bit for a full recap. Go Broncos!

Plays of the game

Matt Miller's hail mary touchdown catch from Kellen Moore at the end of the first half

It was a play you had to see to believe. Sorry, radio folks. Moore rolled left and tossed the ball 50 yards toward the Boise State end zone where Wyoming DB Tashaun Gipson flubbed the interception and knocked the ball into Matt Miller's hands as Miller lay flat on the goalline. I've seen a lot of Hail Marys in my life, but that ... was ... awesome.

Doug Martin's three-yard TD run for Boise State's first score

The Broncos finally pieced a drive together toward the end of the second quarter, and had Martin not scored from three yards out on third down, the drive probably would have ended in a boring, depressing field goal. Good job by Martin to find the end zone on the toss play and good call by Brent Pease to outflank the Cowboys defense with the playcall and formation.

Wyoming DB Luke Anderson pick six

Merry Pre-Christmas, Luke Anderson!

Tyrone Crawford forced fumble on Brett Smith

Considering Boise State sports information folk told the media that Crawford was out for this game, the fact that Crawford played and turned in one of the plays of the day was pretty incredible. His hustle play forced a fumble from Wyoming QB Brett Smith with the Cowboys driving for - at worst - a 10-point lead.

Travis Stanaway interception

The Stana-pick came with the Broncos leading by three scores just before the fourth quarter, and it led to the sealing touchdown. Did he catch it or trap it? We'll never know, what with those Mtn TV cameras.

D.J. Harper fumble recovery of a botched snap

The darkhorse play of the game was turned in by Harper who pounced on a fumbled snap with the Broncos driving inside the Wyoming 20-yard line with a 17-6 lead in the third quarter. Harper's recover led to a Kyle Efaw TD catch one play later and gave the Broncos a pretty insurmountable lead.



Kellen Moore - 24 for 36, 274 yards, three TDs, one INT
Brett Smith - 17 for 25, 78 yards, one TD, one INT


Doug Martin - 26 carries, 153 yards, two TDs
D.J. Harper - 9 carries, 35 yards
Sam Stratton - 14 carries, 54 yards


Matt Miller - 4 catches, 66 yards, one TD
D.J. Harper - 5 catches, 55 yards
Tyler Shoemaker - 4 catches, 49 yards
Dominic Rufran - 5 catches, 24 yards
Josh Doctson - 3 catches, 39 yards, one TD

Total yards

Boise State - 474
Wyoming - 191

Third downs

Boise State - 8 for 13
Wyoming - 5 for 14

Miscellaneous thoughts

Remember when I told everyone to be careful of dual threat Wyoming QB Brett Smith? Just kidding, you guys. He was pretty bad ... Was it just me or did it seem like Wyoming coach Dave Christensen was playing for the loss there at the end of the game? ... Underrated coaching move of the day was Chris Petersen using his final two timeouts to get the ball back at the end of the first half, although I doubt he saw things turning out the way they did ...

Boise State coaches get an A+ for this game. Their decision to put George Iloka at cornerback proved to be brilliant. He gave up only the one pass along the sideline - and that one by only inches ... The Broncos played a lot of three-man fronts, which dared Wyoming to run and the Cowboys either wouldn't or couldn't ... Pretty sure that was a fumble forced by Hunter White on the game's first play ... Seemed like after Brett Smith's first series fumble the coaches either didn't trust him any more or Smith didn't trust himself any more ...

Not that I was scoreboard watching or anything, but COME ON Ohio State. You were so close ... Good to see true freshman Corey Bell get some meaningful playing time (on that note, anyone spot Johnathan Brown?) ... Kellen Moore was definitely off on his first few throws, although I didn't think Tyler Shoemaker was helping him much ...

Back to the coaches, great decision by BSU to go no huddle. That no huddle drive changed the game ... Yes, Wyoming's run defense is very bad. Doug Martin can confirm this ... Lee Hightower made a couple nice pass breakups, the best one on the deep ball where he beat ...

Your turn

What did you think of Boise State's win over Wyoming? How did you think the Bronco defense looked? How about that Matt Miller Hail Mary catch? Share your thoughts in the comments.