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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 11-23-11

Talks between Big East and BYU have broken off (HT: bronconavy)

For now, BYU will not be joining the Big East. Apparently the talks stalled around television rights as BYU wants to retain its rights to its home games. It sounds like they wanted some special treatment regarding the premier home games that someone like ESPN would broadcast versus a game that would land on their own network. Your move, San Diego State.

Poinsettia Bowl set to invite Louisiana Tech if they win on Saturday

If they don't win and Nevada wins out then they could invited Nevada instead. However, they'll be looking to pick up either TCU or Boise State, whoever the MAACO bowl passes up. Get excited, folks.

Tyler Shoemaker named semifinalist for Burlsworth Tryophy

The Burlsworth Trophy is awarded to the nation's top walk-on player. Shoemaker is one of 10 semifinalists.

Boise State and Marcus Rios have called off their courtship

Rios was Boise State's first commitment of this year's class. However, Rios' coach confirms that Boise State was not happy that he was taking other visits. Rios has already visited UCLA and Arizona State and intends to visit Oregon, Nebraska and Notre Dame.

Video: Pat Forde is back on the bus

Pat Forde outlines a scenario where Boise State wouldn't just make the BCS, but that they could make the title game. I love you, Pat, but even I can't get behind that sort of crazy talk. 

Kansas State issues Texas State Champions shirt 

Hey TCU, this is how and when you issue a shirt.

TCU kicker arrested, Graham Watson makes bad joke

Oh, Graham. Too soon, too soon.

Future birthday!

We don't have any birthdays listed for today, but we do have one for tomorrow. And since I don't plan on getting up early to do any links, I thought we should make sure to wish our very own JasonHaberman a very happy birthday tomorrow and we all hope you get a full night's sleep with your twins!

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