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The OBNUG Five Minute* Podcast: Air Force, Big East, and UNLV


With the Broncos coming off a bye week and with a 2-5 UNLV squad up next, you'd think that Nick and Drew would be short of things to talk about. Well, take one host that likes the sound of his own voice (yours truly) and one co-blogger who has been on a two week hiatus and you *poof* we got a podcast. Topics discussed on this week's show include recruiting, Air Force, the Big East West Everywhere, and the coronation of Kellen Moore this weekend. If you like Bronco football and love to hear two guys talk about it...this is the podcast for you!

If you have any guests you'd like to hear from, topics you'd like to hear discussed, or to join us on a future podcast...drop us a line at

If you're having trouble seeing or hearing the flash player above, you can download the podcast HERE or subscribe on iTunes (and it wouldn't kill you to leave some feedback either)