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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 11-2-11

State Board of Education to have "Athletic Conference Discussion" on Thursday

The State Board will need to give Boise State approval to change conferences but no one expects them to challenge it. Boise State is still being coy and saying that there has been no official invite yet, but we know it's just a matter of time. Friday seems to be the magic day for everyone else to join the Big East, so the timing fits. 

Gene Wojciechowski runs the numbers on Boise State's exit fees from the Mountain West

It's not pretty. Boise State would forfeit its conference-related distribution revenue and then pay an exit fee of $5 million or double the amount of their conference-related revenue, whichever is higher. Gene estimates that if Boise State were to make a BCS bowl game, that revenue could be around $7 million. That would mean the exit fee would be $14 million for a total of $21 million. Ouch. Brian Murphy had run the numbers a few weeks ago and found roughly the same thing along with a few other scenarios.

Coach Pete realizes that Boise State needs to offer $2,000 stipend

From a recruiting standpoint, it's the only way to stay competitive with other schools. Seeing how this will likely be determined at the conference level, this is another reason Boise State needs to move to the Big East cause I doubt the Mountain West will implement this and force everyone to pay this out.

Georgia suspends 3 running backs for New Mexico State for breaking team rules, fourth ruled out after surgery

If you're counting at home, that leaves Georgia with zero running backs on its roster for Saturday's game against the Aggies. A source says that Crowell, Thomas and Malcome failed a drug test administered before the Florida game. Of course, said source has no idea when the results were known. This looks all sorts of shady.

Would Boise State making the national title game validate the BCS?

That is what Sporting News' Matt Hayes proposes and I think he makes a good point. But I think he missed a key point in his analysis. The BCS head honchos don't just want Boise State to make the title game, they want Boise State to lose badly. If Boise State makes the title game and wins it, you can bet there will be cries for playoff coming from all the AQ conferences because Boise State's road was too easy. 

Pat Forde and the Dash are back and moved to Yahoo!

Forde can now speak, write and tweet again. Forde didn't have too many things to say about his former employer, ESPN, except speaking to their huge conflicts of interest. He did get some mentions of the Bus in his column.