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Boise State depth chart versus UNLV: All hail Kellen Moore

There is not a whole lot of drama surrounding Saturday's Boise State game against UNLV (8:30 p.m. MT, CBS Sports Network). Oh, except for Kellen Moore becoming the all-time winningest quarterback in college football. There's that little thing.

Join me after the jump for an ode to Kellen Moore, a rundown of the Boise State roster, and a look ahead to how the Broncos look against UNLV. And feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

Visit the BroncoSports website for the full pdf of the depth chart. You can also find a detailed roster and, if you're really wanting to kill an hour, the team's weekly notes.

Bold = Starter

Italics = Depth chart change

Wingdings = Secret Mayan decoder message

Qb_medium Rb_medium Fb_medium
Kellen Moore Doug Martin Chandler Koch
Joe Southwick OR D.J. Harper Tommy Smith
Grant Hedrick
Z_medium X_medium H_medium Te_medium
Mitch Burroughs Matt Miller Tyler Shoemaker Kyle Efaw OR
Kirby Moore Geraldo Boldewijn Chris Potter Gabe Linehan
Aaron Burks Dallas Burroughs   Kyle Sosnowski
Lt_medium Lg_medium C_medium Rg_medium Rt_medium
Nate Potter Joe Kellogg Cory Yriarte Chuck Hayes Charles Leno
Faraji Wright Spencer Gerke Matt Paradis Brenel Myers Michael Ames
Thomas Byrd
E_medium T_medium N_medium E_medium
Tyrone Crawford Billy Winn Mike Atkinson Shea McClellin
Tyler Horn Darren Koontz Greg Grimes Jarrell Root
Mlb_medium Wlb_medium
Byron Hout OR Aaron Tevis OR
Tommy Smith J.C. Percy
Cb_medium N_medium S_medium S_medium Cb_medium
Jamar Taylor Hunter White OR Cedric Febis George Iloka Ebo Makinde
Antwon Murray Jonathan Brown Travis Stanaway Lee Hightower Quaylon Ewing-Burton
  Dextrell Simmons      
Pk_medium Ko_medium Hd_medium P_medium Snp_medium
Dan Goodale OR Trevor Harman Hunter White Brad Elkin  Chris Roberson
Michael Frisina Dan Goodale  Trevor Harman  
Kr_medium Pr_medium
Doug Martin OR Mitch Burroughs
Mitch Burroughs Chris Potter
Chris Potter OR
D.J. Harper

Disclaimer: Depth charts mean as much as you want them to mean. Keep in mind that things change over the course of a game week and that game situations, injuries, and performance will render some of this depth chart moot. Still, it's fun to speculate ... with hyperbole! Jeremy Ioane no longer exists!


First on OBNUG: Kellen Moore breaks the NCAA all-time win mark!

I try never to take wins for granted with the Broncos, but come on, guys. This is UNLV. They lost by 25 points to a team named the Thunderbirds. The official Boise State team notes and the official NCAA record books might not say that the record is Moore's, but they're thinking it. They also think Timmy Chang is a nub. One more week and it all gets aired.

A lot has been made on the e-pages of OBNUG about how little coverage there is of Kellen Moore's breaking one of college football's most hallowed records. Is it because the wins mark is only three years old? Is it because David Greene held it at one point? The easy answer is that ESPN is the devil and there is a conspiracy theory at foot. But before jumping to that conclusion / truth, I'm willing to give the Worldwide Leader a chance to give Moore his due when the record does finally fall. I expect no less than 15 minutes on GameDay and an Erin Andrews interview.

In other Kellen Moore record news ...

  • Case Keenum broke Graham Harrell's touchdown record last week when he threw for nine against Rice's jayvee defense. Moore doesn't really have a chance to pass him unless a Keenum expose reveals he exchanged CUSA Player of the Week awards for free tattoos and Houston vacates wins. Moore does still have a shot at second place on the all-time list and - more important to me - he can move ahead of all the Hawaii guys on the list. Colt Brennan is in third with 131 TDs. Moore has 123.
  • Moore is No. 10 on the all-time passing yards list, and he should pass Dan Lefevour and Kevin Kolb for eighth this week. He needs 98 yards to do so, which might come in one pass against UNLV cellophane curtain defense.
  • The NCAA record for highest single-season completion percentage is 76.6 percent by Colt McCoy. Moore is at 76.3 percent, which is tops in college football this season (Northwestern's Dan Persa is second at 75 percent).
  • The NCAA record for highest career completion percentage is 70.4 percent by Colt Brennan. Moore is at 69.45 percent. 

UNLV is a proud sponsor of Kellen Moore's records pursuit.

Bye week injury update

There is no update. Ha, joke's on me for thinking there would be one. In theory, the bye week was an opportunity for Boise State players with dings and nicks and old man knees to heal up. And for all I know, that's exactly what happened.

Joe Kellogg (knee) is back in the starting spot at left guard. Thomas Byrd (knees, osteoporosis) and Chase Baker (calf) are expected to play, although no one knows how much. All the Bronco players who went down in a pile of cramps and fatigue against Air Force should be just fine and play on Saturday. So there's your update. Healthy people are healthy, knee tears are still torn, and your guess is as good as mine on everybody else. But I do think the bye week helped.

Less Jeremy Ioane, more Lee Hightower on the depth chart

Everyone's favorite Notre Dame denier, Jeremy Ioane, completed his slump from starter to sub to AWOL on the depth chart this week when he was replaced at the backup safety position by true freshman Lee Hightower. Instead of bemoaning Ioane's progress this season or speculating wildly about what is wrong, I'm going to take a healthy approach and eagerly anticipate Ioane's growth as a Bronco in the spring and next fall. This type of approach is new to me. Should I be breaking out in hives?

Remember that time that Corey Bell made a big play against Air Force?

It's been a couple weeks, so I'll forgive you if you forgot. Here's your refresher.

Quaylon-Ewing Burton and Ebo Makinde move into a job-share

The corner spot opposite Jamar Taylor is now QEB's and Ebo's to share, which makes it awfully similar to half the other positions on the defense. The Broncos have played more true nickel (three DBs) this season without a dependable pass covering nickelbacker, so chances are good that both guys will see plenty of playing time. And besides, healthy competition never hurt anyone ... except for that time where a Northern Colorado punter stabbed the leg of a fellow Northern Colorado punter.

George Iloka interception watch hits Week Eight

Is George Iloka due against UNLV? Rebel QB Caleb Herring sure thinks so!

14 days without an ACL tear

Condolences to true freshman running back Jay Ajayi who tore his ACL in practice the week before the Air Force game. On the plus side, the injury did make his Mark Schlereth Halloween costume more believable.


Ricky Tjong-A-Tjoe is back, as Air Force can attest

After serving his six-game suspension for being part of an American family, Tjong-A-Tjoe recorded a couple tackles-for-loss and a sack against the Falcons. With Chase Baker on the mend and T-A-T playing outstanding, the Bronco D-line is in super shape heading into the final stretch.


  • Dallas Burroughs was the main kickoff returner against Air Force, and he was ... okay? I'm not really sure what to think of Li'l Burroughs. He's fast but maybe not elusive. He's athletic but maybe not football smart. I see him fail to make plays on deep throws and fail to find open space on kickoffs, and I wonder what the big deal is. Hopefully I'll see what the big deal is soon. 
  • Hunter White is pretty good at special teams, huh?
  • Tyrone Crawford is pretty good at not being blocked, eh?

Your turn

How great is it that Boise State has the all-time winningest quarterback in college football history? What other records do you think Moore will hold when all is said and done? Got an opinion on Jeremy Ioane and Lee Hightower? Share your thoughts in the comments.