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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 11-18-11

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Boise State needs pass rush to step up 

Dave Southern throws in some M Night Shyamalan references about the debut and decline of the Boise State pass rush. It has been disconcerting about how few sacks the line has had recently. Boise State chalks it up to max protections and new pass blocking schemes that weren't on tape. 

The new football complex scheduled to be completed by Summer 2013

Boise State is expected to get approval from the State Board of Education next month on the $20 million project and then break ground in the spring. Also, construction has begun at Donna Larsen park for the new track and field complex so that Boise State can get rid of the track around the football field and we can all stop hearing about that from opposing fans. Win, win.

USA Today releases their annual database of college football salaries

Somehow I missed this yesterday. This year they included a sortable grid so you can see how Navy(!) is paying Ken Niumatalolo more than Chris Petersen. You have got to be kidding me.  And as little as Rob Akey is making compared to everyone else, it still dwarfs my salary. 

Bronco Mendenhall would like everyone to know know his thoughts on BYU to the Big East

I think Bronco is BYU's new spokesman on this issue because he is not shy about giving an opinion on BYU to the Big East. Spoiler: he's a fan. The really interesting nugget in this story is that apparently Boise State reached out to BYU to see if they'd like to go to the Big East with Boise State. If all this goes down, never forget this: BYU will only be in the Big East because Boise State wanted them in the Big East. So don't try to pull any of that prima donna BW. 

A 5-7 UCLA team in the Rose Bowl? It could happen

Bill Connelly breaks down how it could happen and that got me really excited. I would like to see the Rose Bowl and all their tradition take a 5-7 UCLA team and put that in their pipe and smoke it.