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OBNUG Pick 'Em: Week Eleven Results and Week Twelve Games

Pick Em
Pick Em

Last Saturday I spent 3 hours in a lighting store picking out all of our lights for our new house. I never thought it would take that long and I missed the kickoff of the game but I was taping it. I kept ignoring my phone and any TV that might have scores on it.

We ended up getting home and I watched the game on my recording only to experience heartbreak about an hour after everyone else already had. I don't know what is worse: experiencing it live with everyone else or experiencing it pretty much alone. 

Anyways, this week has pretty much been a haze as I've tried to turn the page mentally and realize that there is more football to played. Let's look at this week's slate of games:


Pick 'Em standings

1 @SmurfTurfAddict 137
2 Kellen's Sandwich Shop 135
2 Pete Burns (Peet16) 135
2 NCAA Violations R Us 135
2 Pun Involving Word Moore 135
2 BroncoFever 135
7 OBNUG Intern 134
7 The Ghost of Doug Harper 134
9 NYBroncosFan 133
9 TDown for TDown 133

Updated 11/16 9:00 a.m., lowest score dropped
Complete standings Group 1a
Complete standings Group 1b


This is a composite Top 10 from both Yahoo Pick Em groups. Full standings are available on your group homepage. A reminder of what's at stake: The overall winner of OBNUG Pick 'Em receives a real life Boise State jersey of his or her choice as well as a lifetime membership into the OBNUG Widget of Champions. Weekly prizes are awarded as well.

Hugs and handshakes to OBNUG member Hammer who won last week with a 15 and the tiebreaker over other users Papa Smurf and Smurfing Your Turf.

Now onto this week's picks ...


Stone cold lock of the century of the week

Oregon convincingly took care of Stanford last week for yet another win in the stone cold lock of the century of the week. Now for this week...

SMU (+19.5) OVER (11) Houston

I think this spread is way too high for a game that will probably be a shootout. I look for SMU to keep this close and at the very least lose by two scores. Who knows, maybe this will be another upset?

The rest of Nick's picks

Reminder: picks are made against the spread. Also, gambling is illegal and you definitely shouldn't do it unless you're fairly confident you can make a couple bucks. 

  • (2) Oklahoma State over Iowa State
  • (15) Wisconsin over Illinois
  • (17) Nebraska over (20) Michigan
  • Iowa over Purdue
  • Louisville over Connecticut
  • Wyoming over New Mexico
  • (7) Clemson over N.C. State
  • Missouri over Texas Tech
  • (6) Arkansas over Mississippi State
  • (19) TCU over Colorado State
  • Miami (FL) over South Florida
  • Utah over Washington State
  • Air Force over UNLV
  • Vanderbilt over Tennessee
  • (23) Florida State over Virginia
  • (18) USC over (4) Oregon
  • (5) Oklahoma over (25) Baylor
  • Texas over (16) Kansas State
  • (10) Boise State over San Diego State
  • Arizona State over Arizona
  • (8) Stanford over California

Bonus game

Not all games can fit into Yahoo's weekly Pick 'Em board, especially not the WAC ones that no one cares about. Well, we care about them. This week's bonus game:

Utah State (-9.5) OVER Idaho

Poor Idaho. Not only have they had a bad season so far, but the lack of attention about it may be the worst part because no one cares. Well we care, and we don't want people to forget that they are still playing football games and losing. This week the Aggies make the journey to the Kibbie Dome, and I expect them to run all over the Vandals.

Your turn

Feel free to share your picks in the comments and/or discuss this week's slate of games. What is your lock of the week? How did your picks fare last time out? Share your thoughts in the comments.