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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 11-15-11

Boise State releases 2011 highlight video

Oh, so I guess the season really did end on Saturday.

Coach Pete confirms that the final drive went exactly how Boise State wanted

In fact, the only play that Petersen would have changed was the five-yard screen pass to Matt Miller on second down. Ultimately, he wanted the ball in the middle of the field at the 20-yard-line, and he got just that. "Make the field goal," Petersen said, "and we're not even having these conversations." Conversations like the ones where BSU fans are second-guessing everything, I'd imagine. That's losing for you.

And yes, special teams coach Jeff Choate confirmed that the laces were in.

Coach Choate a finalist for Eastern Illinois head coach job (HT: Mikirno)

E-Ill has its job search down to four candidates and will begin interviews next week. Choate coached at the FCS school in 2005.

Hightower and Ewing-Burton expected to start at corner versus SDSU (HT: Jay)

That would be a true freshman and a redshirt freshman for those of you scoring at home. Jamar Taylor and Ebo Makinde are expected to be out.

TCU really getting its money's worth out of this Boise State win

A t-shirt now available for purchase in the Horned Frog store:


I don't even know what that means, but it seems like it's in bad taste.

More links and a birthday after the jump.

Audio: Kellen Moore's guest appearance on Dan Patrick radio show

Boise State asks NCAA to undo its excessive penalties against the football program

Boise State basketball signs a 6-9 Latvian forward

Happy birthday to this guy

A very happy birthday to OBNUG reader bobink from your friends at OBNUG. May all your birthday wishes come true, including the one where we go into a time machine to make sure Saturday never happened.