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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 11-11-11

Today is unofficially Kellen Moore day for number 11!

I just declared that myself, but I don't know why the idea wouldn't gather momentum. Cripe and Murphy combine to give us 11 facts on number 11 for today. Which it's interesting that Chris Petersen is against retiring number 11 if only because they need as many numbers as they can. He would rather see it go on a wall of honor and whoever wants to wear it each year has to compete in an elaborate obstacle course to get the opportunity. Okay, I may have made that last part up.

Star Telegram writer would like to let you know why Boise State won't play for the National Championship

This column really should be a candidate for Mr. Fiskers but I'll at least point it out here. The writer likes to use the ever popular argument that this Boise State team isn't as good as last year's team. I'm glad that Boise State has now been relegated to not even being compared to other teams this year, but now other Boise State teams to show their unworthiness.

Frogs O War breaks out their part 2 in the Boise State / TCU rivalry

They come to the realization that they don't really hate Boise State as much as their other rivals if only because we're so far alike. And I would have to agree. But they do turn OBNUG into a nice pun on obnoxious. Guess we should have thought of that when we were naming the site.

Jon Bois lays out the rules for Endurance Football and it sounds awesome!

It takes place on a 1 mile long field and each game lasts 2 weeks. Play clocks are 30 minutes and play only takes place between sun up and sun down. It's supposed to have strategy likened to war and I couldn't help but think of what an amazing football general Chris Petersen would be.

Ohio State hit with new findings, charged with "failure to monitor"

Ohio State has tried to appease the NCAA by announcing 5 scholarship reductions for each of the next 3 years. However, they have still not fired their AD Gene Smith, but that has to be on the horizon.