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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 10-07-11

Good morning, folks! It's game day. Start your day off with this video.

MKingery has unearthed this video. It is supposedly part of the "mojo" videos that were put together for the players before the next week's game. The video quality suffers a bit after being converted from VHS but Paul J's voiceovers and Nelly's smooth stylin's have been preserved.

Brent Pease is confident that any passing issues last week are "easily correctable"

And I am encouraged by his confidence. It's also good to hear again that there was no penalty on Doug Martin's TD run that was called back. We should just add it to our stats anyway. I mean Alabama just claims any national championship that they can and hopes no one notices.

Shea McClellin would make one terrifying point guard (HT: East Coast Broncos Fan)

For all of our sake, I'm glad he chose football, and Boise State.

Bill Connelly chalks up Boise State's bad luck in conference realignment to bad geography

And he recaps the last 18 months of Boise State's hopes and despairs in the process. But at least he agrees that TCU doesn't bring much more to the table than Boise State.

At least the Big East seems to be done

If Boise State isn't getting into the Big 12, then this is the best case scenario. The Big East implodes and the Mountain West could possibly take it's place as the 6th AQ conference.

Oregon runs past Cal, LaMichael James injured in win

Oregon blew the game wide open in the second half, but James went down awkwardly on his arm. There's a link to the video of the injury if you're curious. James said it's only a dislocation and he should be back in a few weeks. That would be quite amazing.

Birthdays all around!

Happy birthday to readers sczmbz and nothingveryclever as well as player Robbie Lusk. Congratulations on all your successes, you guys!

If you would like your birthday added to the OBNUG birthday list, drop us an email at