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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 10-06-11

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1990 Toyota Camry. Seriously
1990 Toyota Camry. Seriously

Boise State issues statement regarding the Dutch 3

Everyone's been asking for details for weeks and last night the NCAA finally got back to the Idaho Statesman. This prompted Boise State to respond with the above statement. Apparently Boldewijn was in trouble for using a 1990 Camry with 177,000 miles on it and getting car insurance from his host family. I'm sure the Camry pictured above is even in better shape. On top of that, whatever Febis got for impermissible benefits amounted to $20. Can we play guess the benefit? I've got my money on a pair of jeans from Old Navy.

I understand that this is wrong according to the letter of the NCAA law, but I feel like we are way past the spirit of the intended law. If the NCAA is policing foreign exchange students who receive a loaner car to drive, I think we've gone too far. This is why everyone is calling to blow up the NCAA. 

USA Today looks at the practice of tying athletic director's bonuses to the success of a sports team

They use Gene Bleymaier as an example. Gene has up to 40% of his annual compensation tied to the football team's success including a full month's salary amount in bonuses for winning a conference championship and playing in a BCS game. It's an interesting read and some good points are brought up as to whether this properly incentivises AD's to enforce compliance.

Fresno State's Derek Carr will eventually be a Boise State fan

Derek Carr's brother David Carr was the famous Fresno State bust QB who lost to Boise State back in 2001 and ruined Fresno State's hope of busting the BCS. David has not forgotten and decided to place a Boise State flag on Derek's wall that he can't take down until he beats Boise State. Since we all know that there is a strong possibility that this will never happen, it's only a matter of time that Derek eventually is taken over the by the allure of the blue and orange. Maybe he should think about taking up another sport too to increase his odds.

Fresno Bee details the gap between Boise State and Fresno State and how it got so big

But the real gem of this story is the attached photo that shows someone using an iPad 2 to record Pat Hill's comments post game. Steve Jobs would be so proud. 

Boise comes in at number 61 in Sporting News' annual best sports cities (HT: Brian Murphy)

Ahead of cities such as Stillwater, Oklahoma; Louisville, Kentucky; and Morgantown, West Virginia. Not too shabby.

Jacksonville writer is rooting for 6 undefeated teams to bring the BCS to its knees

He has a point. If LSU/Alabama, Oklahoma/Texas/Oklahoma State, Clemson, Stanford, Wisconsin and Boise State all run the table, there will be plenty of complaining about the current system. I just can't bring myself to root for that yet. I would rather everyone have 1 loss and Boise State be undefeated and everyone then complain.

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to current player Blake Renauld. May all your wishes come true.

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