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The Fresno State Bulldogs anagram roster

Boise State renews its rivalry with Fresno State on Friday (7:00 p.m. MT, ESPN), and to get you ready for the Broncos' final non-conference game of the year, I bring you analysis by wordplay. Actual analysis to follow throughout the week.

Join me after the jump for a look at the Fresno roster via anagrams, and enjoy the Leper Coolies.

An anagram is like a word jumble; you take the letters from a word or phrase and mix them up to see what other words or phrases you can come up with. Try it for yourself.

The Bulldogs had the privilege (?) of getting the anagram treatment last year when Fresno State visited Bronco Stadium. Many great anagram names return. Many were lost. Here is this year's Fresno anagram gang:

Matt Akers Steak Mart

Sean Alston Nasal Tones

Riley Barnes Aliens Berry

Lars Bramer Barrel Arms

Michael Butler Hebraic Mullet

Daryl Cash Crash Lady

Leslie Cooper  Leper Coolies

Victor Dean Ant Divorce

Mershad Dillon Handsome Drill

Kevin Goessling Evilness Ginkgo

Tim House Home Suit

Matt Hunt Than Mutt

Andy Jennings Sanding Jenny

Ben Letcher Ent Belcher

Donavon Lewis Wooden Anvils

Karl Mickelsen Mackerel Links

Nikko Motta Tomato Kink

Ibe Nduke Bike Nude

Stephan Plevney Snappy Eleventh

Austin Raphael Spatula Hernia

Anthony Riggins Granny Hoisting

Dillon Root Lord Lotion

Jalen Saunders Launders Jeans

Ryan Skidmore Dorky Seminar

Derron Smith Modern Shirt

Taylor Stewart Saltwater Troy

Tyler Stirewalt Really Twitters

Greg Watson Not Swagger

Cristin Wilson Intrinsic Owls