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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 10-31-11

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Brian Murphy hands out midseason grades

I do wonder why he picked Boldewijn over Miller as the breakout star for the offense so far. Boldewijn has been great the last 3 games but Miller has been so consistent over the first 7 games. 

Bill Connelly looks back on the Georgia win

Somehow it seems to have lost some of it's luster even more despite the fact that Georgia keeps winning. I can't say I disagree with him. Perception is reality and hopefully the voters come to their senses by the time Georgia makes the SEC title game /crossesfingers.

Bowl Projections! 

Looks like most people have Boise State going to the Sugar Bowl. I'm still hoping Boise State plays Alabama no matter if it's the Sugar Bowl or the NC game. 

Video: Titus Young catches his first NFL touchdown (HT: ce'sped azul)

Somehow the Denver defense lost track of him and he was just waiting in the end zone all alone. The only disappointing part was that for his celebration, he chose to jump into the stands in Denver and not do the Tebow.

Video: Final verdict, infuriating or just plain comical? (HT: crookednose23)

I think poor Lou forgot which side of the argument he was supposed to take up. He then makes arguments that don't make sense like just because Mount Union or Wisconsin Whitewater don't deserve to play the NC just because they go undefeated (even though they are in a different league) and because he believes this year's Boise State team is not as good as last year's team (because we now evaluate a team against itself in the past and not against the other teams in the current year). Poor Lou. 

Birthdays are back!

It's been a few days since we've had any but today is players Robert Ash and Dextrell Simmons' birthdays. Happy birthday, you guys!