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Boise State football midseason awards - OBie results

James Franco Anne Hathaway
James Franco Anne Hathaway

The fourth annual version of the OBie awards was the best version so far ... and not just because I say that every year. A record number of Bronco fans placed votes, Kellen Moore won multiple categories, and there was an epic write-in candidate to replace the epic Will Lawrence family write-ins from the past seasons. It's the Oscars minus the boring acceptance speeches.

Hit the jump for the winners list and the results.

Offensive player of the midseason

Winner: Kellen Moore

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The votes

  1. Kellen Moore - 90%
  2. Doug Martin - 3%
  3. Other - 3%
  4. Tyler Shoemaker - 2%
  5. Nate Potter - 1%

Write-in votes: Matt Miller, The Mitch Burroughs Experience, Marvin McNutt, the tee-retrieving dog

Kevan's analysis: You can tell by the obese Pac-Man in the pie chart that Kellen Moore is well-liked in Bronco Nation, and for good reason. Without him, the Broncos would have dropped at least one or two games already this year. As much as I would have liked this award to go to an offensive line person (I am big-ugly biased), Kellen Moore is the right call. He is the most indispensable, most Napoleon Dynamite part of the offense.

Defensive player of the midseason

Winner: Shea McClellin

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The votes:

  1. Shea McClellin - 44%
  2. Tyrone Crawford - 21%
  3. Billy Winn - 17%
  4. Jerrell Gavins - 6%
  5. George Iloka - 6%
  6. Other - 5%
  7. Jamar Taylor - 2%

Write-in votes: Byron Hout, Ricky Tjong-A-Tjoe, All of the above

Kevan's analysis: In lieu of an "all of the above" option, Shea McClellin is a fine choice for Defensive Player of the Midseason. His stats don't grab you and shake you, but his impact on each game is noticeable. Still, I can't help but wonder if this vote would have gone differently if Jerrell Gavins still had all his knee parts ...

Freshman of the midseason

Winner: Matt Miller

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The votes: 

  1. Matt Miller - 94%
  2. Blake Renaud - 2%
  3. Other - 2%
  4. Corey Bell - 1%

Write-in votes: Dan Goodale (for encouraging Kellen Moore to be good in the red zone)

Kevan's analysis: Look for the results of this award on the front page of the Missoulian newspaper tomorrow. 

Play of the midseason

The winner: Kellen Moore's TD pass to Matt Miller versus Georgia

Miller-td-uga_medium Potm_medium

The votes:

  1. Kellen Moore to Matt Miller - 43%
  2. Hunter White's fumbled fake punt TD vs. AFA - 23%
  3. Doug Martin's 90-yard non-TD versus Nevada - 16%
  4. Doug Martin's screen pass score vs. Toledo - 9%
  5. Other - 6%
  6. Chase Baker's INT versus Toledo - 3%

Write-in votes: Cedric Febis INT in his first game back, Doug Martin's TD catch versus Air Force, Gavins INT versus Georgia, Jamar Taylor INT versus Fresno State, McClellin's fourth down tackle against Georgia, Fake punt versus Colorado State, Aaron Tevis INT versus Tulsa

Kevan's analysis: There have obviously been a lot of good plays this season, many of which I failed to list in the Best Play category. Sorry about that. The most popular write-in vote was for Jamar Taylor's leaping interception against Fresno State. We like our interceptions. In total, five picks were voted for.

Game of the midseason

The winner: Georgia

Uga-bsu_medium Gotm_medium

The votes: 

  1. Georgia - 73%
  2. Air Force - 18%
  3. Colorado State - 4%
  4. Fresno State - 3%
  5. Nevada - 1%

Kevan's analysis: Though last week's Air Force game was the freshest and arguably the scariest of the season, you just can't beat beating an SEC team. Also, according to the votes, the Toledo and Tulsa games never happened.

Unsung hero of the midseason

The winner: Brad Elkin

Brad-elkin_medium  Uhotm_medium

The votes:

  1. Brad Elkin - 34%
  2. Mitch Burroughs - 27%
  3. Hunter White - 17%
  4. Mike Atkinson - 9%
  5. Other - 6%
  6. Charles Leno - 5%
  7. Trevor Harman - 3%

Write-in votes: Blake Renaud, Billy Winn, Byron Hout, Cory Yriarte, Tyrone Crawford, Dan Goodale, Jerrell Gavins, Kellen Moore, Nate Potter, O-line, special teams coach Jeff Choate, Aaron Tevis

Kevan's analysis: I voted for Charles Leno because, for a sophomore with little experience, he has been extremely solid protecting Kellen Moore's blindside. I love the write-in vote for Cory Yriarte, too, since he has replaced a four-year starter who we didn't really think could be replaced. 

All the players listed and written-in deserve credit for a strong first half of the season (although I think the Kellen Moore write-in vote may have missed the point of this award). Kudos to Brad Elkin for exceeding everyone's expectations this season.

Most pleasant surprise of the midseason

The winner: Mitch Burroughs becoming a go-to receiver

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The votes:

  1. Mitch Burroughs - 30%
  2. Kickoff coverage - 24%
  3. Brad Elkin's punting - 16%
  4. Brent Pease as OC - 13%
  5. Ebo Makinde and QEB at corner - 13%
  6. Other - 2%
  7. Tommy Smith at fullback - 1%

Write-in votes: All of the above, wide receiver play, actually attempting a field goal, Kellen Moore getting better somehow, Matt Miller being awesome, special teams play, the tee-retrieving dog

Kevan's analysis: The Mitch Burroughs Experience has played so well this year that he is really no longer an Experience. He's just a solid football player (apart from the occasional lapse here or there of which we are all guilty, *cough* typos *cough*). My vote went to Brent Pease at offensive coordinator simply because he has filled in so seamlessly for the departed Bryan Harsin. Here's hoping I'm not airplane-stalking Pease's vacation plans this offseason.

I was also tempted to go with kickoff coverage and Brad Elkin simply because both of those things are so much better this year than they were last year.

Biggest midseason curiosity

The winner: The NCAA's Dutch investigation

Holland2_1658794i_medium  Whotm_medium

The votes: 

  1. The NCAA's Dutch investigation - 41%
  2. Placekicking problems - 38%
  3. Jeremy Ioane's decreasing playing time - 17%
  4. Other - 4%

Write-in votes: Air Force picks up a 3rd and 21 on a fullback dive, All of the above, Dan Paul, injuries during practice, no Kellen Moore punting, miscellaneous "day-to-day" injuries, TCU laying an egg, Big 12 invite, the tee-retrieving dog

Kevan's analysis: In the closest vote of the OBies, Bronco Nation feels that the Dutch injustice trumps kicking extra points sideways. Fair enough. 

Public Enemy #1.5

The winner: Craig James

Craig-james_medium Pe1

The votes: 

  1. Craig James - 59%
  2. The NCAA compliance office - 22%
  3. Mark May - 12%
  4. Other - 5%
  5. Robert Smith - 1%

Write-in votes: All of the above, BCS, conference realignment, Craig Thompson, ESPN

Kevan's analysis: Nothing to add here. We nailed this one.

Football-related story of the mdiseason

The winner: Kellen Moore ties Colt McCoy's all-time wins record

Kellen-moore-shirt_medium Fsotm_medium

The votes:

  1. Kellen Moore ties Colt McCoy - 47%
  2. Boise State beats an SEC school - 30%
  3. Boise State climbs to No. 4 in the BCS - 15%
  4. Kellen Moore knee brace - 5%
  5. Other - 3%

Write-in votes: All of the above, Kyle Brotzman's importance, Matt Miller, the Dutch 3, the tee-retrieving dog

Kevan's analysis: In a story that has been criminally underreported by ESPN and the media at large, there is now no one who has more college football wins than Kellen Moore. And he has six more games to go. Case Keenum may have the better passing stats, but at the end of the day, what more important record is there than wins and losses? Pancake blocks, maybe? (I've always liked pancake blocks.)

Non-football story of the midseason

The winner: Gene Bleymaier out as AD

Gene-b_medium  Nfotm_medium

The votes:

  1. Gene Bleymaier - 49%
  2. Boise State to the Big East - 24%
  3. The Dutch - 14%
  4. White helmets, new unis - 8%
  5. Chris Petersen rumors - 3%
  6. Other - 2%

Write-in votes: Mr. Fiskers's hyperthyroidism, super conferences, Boise State band and baton twirler,

Kevan's analysis: I doubt an OBie will make up for getting canned from a job where you spent 30 years of your life, but it's something. Bronco Nation will not soon forget Bleymaier's contributions to the success of the university, especially if the next AD is someone like Dan Hawkins. Just kidding, hopefully.

Midseason OBNUG award for excellence

The winner: Boise State playbook articles

Fake-punt-diagram_medium Obnugotm_medium

The votes:

  1. Boise State playbook articles - 49%
  2. Georgia blog bet - 19%
  3. Other - 13%
  4. Marty Tadman podcast - 6%
  5. Crissie's B Machine Bronco bus - 5%
  6. munson's Boise State guitar - 4%
  7. BSU Distinguished Alumni readers - 3%

Write-in votes: Three stars and game balls, all of the above, anagram roster, Mr. Fiskers, warm fuzzies, Toledo blog bet, mikrino, Rooting Guide, Tyler Jackson's catch FanPost, What Boise State Football Means to You FanPost, the tee-retrieving dog

Kevan's analysis: I'm glad you guys like the playbook articles because I have quite a bit of fun putting them together. MS Paint and I are like this.

Reader feedback

The final question on the OBie ballot was a creative writing challenge to submit blog feedback, suggest overlooked OBie categories, and - as one reader interpreted things - swear. Here are some choice submissions.

Best AD in the World: Gene Bleymaier (stilll and always)
Most Underrated Heisman Candidate: Kellen
Most Underrated Freshman: Bryan Douglas, who played lights out as a backup against Fresno State

Award for best Reader Post so far: NYBroncosfan's BCS ranking explained (with logic) And this is from Me, so that's saying something.

Best Website for BSU football & information - OBNUG. This site knew of Taylor's & Bakers injuries before the local media.
Depth chart - how many non-starters have come in and made the previous player go unnoticed or made an even bigger IMPACT.
Untold season story- or movie title (Kirk Russel) - Now you see him now you don't =Dan Paul

Award for best bloggers to:


Seriously, this little family of Bronco supporters is one of the most insightful, funny, witty, erudite, best-behaved, and simply-nice-folks groups which ever hated on the Vandals.

I am a fan of that dog that retrieves the kick off tees

Submitted by the person who wrote in "kickoff tee-retrieving dog" for every single category, I assume.

And now for the annual mikrino reader feedback.

Award for greatest Bronco fan of all time: Me, of course. but everyone is a close second... kinda.

I hate mikrino

To each his own.

Cant we get some recognition for the Bronco Linebackers! Look at what they have done to stop the run this year. As long is Hout stays healthy, and we can keep our secondary from getting molested by the big play, I think our defense will be our savior.

Bronco linebackers, consider yourselves recognized.

As a long time BSU Supporter, I think more KUDO's should be handed out to the BSU Band, MainLine Dancers and the Batton Girl. All have markedly improved the half time performance over the last few years.

Old man award? (Byrd)

You should have put an award for best sandwiches.

A. Subway, B. Quizno's, C. Blimpie, D. Jimmy John's, E. Other.

This is one of the best college sites to read and you guys and gals have won me over a long time ago.I discovered OBNUG this fall and love it as is, especially play book. Now I get Bronco news from other than Statesman and my barber. He's good.

I want to meet this barber.

Most annoying ongoing story of the season.
A. Conference Re-alignment
B. Conference Re-alignment
C. Conference Re-alignment
D. Conference Re-alignment

Love the Sunday recruiting recaps! Keep being great!

We'll do our best.

Loving all the coverage! Just hope to keep seeing recruit roundups, and how previous Bronco players are doing in the NFL (minus Orlando Scandrick of course)

Classic Scandrick burn.

less basketball coverage

Greg Graham, is that you?

Midseason Award for Unnoticed (and Under Appreciated) Awesomeness: Offensive Line.

I am of the mind that you can't ever have too many awards for the offensive line.

And to wrap up the fourth annual OBies, it only makes sense that we would end with a comment from OBNUG's favorite Brazilian reader who writes in on every award ballot. Take us into the night, Brazilian Lucas.

OBNUG Rocks!

My name it's Lucas, and I don't know if you remember me(Or even read my feedback) from previous OBies. I'm the Brazilian Broncos fan, and OBNUG lurker.
I always tell you guys ""congratulate for your job"" and how much I enjoy reading it, but really, while keeping up with some other blogs this season I realized how great you are and the whole OBNUG fanbase. Altough serious reports and news are great, I can't help but identify with your sarcastic comments and everything, it just makes the blog so much fun. Also people on the comments are always welcoming as opposed to some other fanbases I got to know on others SB Nation blogs.



Go Broncos, indeed!

Your turn

Happy with how the OBies turned out this year? Anyone you feel got snubbed? Share your thoughts in the comments.