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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 10-27-11

USA Today has Kellen Moore up to number three in their Heisman Watch

Andrew Luck continues to lead due to putting up big numbers against crappy teams while Kellen Moore seems to be penalized for doing the same exact thing, except for a good team here and there. Maybe that's because Luck is playing deep into 4th quarters and padding those stats

The Poynter Review project takes a look at ESPN's conflicts of interest

Ultimately, Kelly McBride seems to believe that ESPN has maintained its journalistic standards about conference realignment and coverage of the schools it's doing business with. However, Ty Duffy calls it like the rest of us see it. How can it not affect their coverage? And the handling of the Craig James/Mike Leach debacle points out how tenuous this all is.

Football was played last night and Lou Holtz and Mark May were there to talk about it

Someone thought it would be a good idea to let Lou Holtz talk non stop through an entire football game. This is what happens.

Kellen Moore and Tim Tebow on the same team? My head might explode

The Denver Post looks at the chances of the Broncos drafting Kellen Moore next year. However, after hearing what John Elway looks for in QB's, I think it's safe to say that he won't be drafting Kellen. But, in a league where John Beck can be a starter, someone has got to give Kellen a chance.

Mike Coughlin as Napoleon Dynamite in Halloween past

This is perfect. I'll be looking for how he can top it this year.

West Virginia to the Big 12 is no longer a sure thing, all thanks to Louisville

Seems a Kentucky congressman decided to call up a couple of old buddies from congress that are now in charge of Big 12 schools to extol the virtues of Louisville and now the Big 12 is considering adding Louisville instead. You have got to be kidding me. Barry Tramel points out the madness in the Big 12 and asks why would anyone want to join this dysfunctional conference? Now, the Big 12 may add both schools

Big East officials met with Air Force Wednesday, to meet with Boise State on Thursday

While Boise State looks to be trending towards joining the Big East in football, the rest of Boise State's sports could be joining the Big West. This madness, pure madness I tell you. Meanwhile, Bronco Mendenhall doesn't understand why a conference wouldn't want to take BYU and Boise State together.