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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 10-25-11

POW 102411
POW 102411

Kellen Moore and Byron Hout are named Mountain West players of the week

This is Kellen's fourth time receiving the award. What's the record? Can Kellen get the record in one season? Kellen was also named as one of 16 finalists for the Davey O'Brien award.

The New York Post says West Virginia is heading to the Big 12

Apparently the Big 12 would like to hold onto Missouri for one more year then add West Virginia to replace Missouri. So far, Missouri has not left the Big 12 as many expected to happen yesterday. If West Virginia does bolt, the Big East will be at 5 schools and will desperately need to expand.

Dan Wetzel proposes a bowl boycott by players in demand for player reform

A petition has already been issued and circulated around campuses to gather player signatures to set aside a portion of the college revenue to benefit players. But this is unlikely to get the attention of the higher ups, a bowl boycott would. Whether or not you believe players should be issued checks after each game, there is certainly room for improvement in players' rights like them being covered under worker's comp if they are injured while playing.

Oklahoma writer doesn't like the BCS after Oklahoma loses

To her credit, apparently she says she railed against the BCS before Boise State played Virginia Tech last year. But it does seem a little fishy that this writer would blame a system once the Sooners have been knocked out of the driver's seat. 

Oregon's Cliff Harris cited for driving with a suspended license, without insurance and not wearing a seat belt

This past summer, Harris was pulled over doing 118 mph in a car that was rented by an Oregon employee all while supposedly smoking weed. Needless to say, he wasn't supposed to be driving for awhile. Now he's been suspended indefinitely.