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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 10-19-11

Happy orange out, everyone


There are orange Bronco gameday T-shirts available at the Bronco Shop for those of you who like wordplay ("No fly zone," get it?).


Air Force Troy Calhoun is a wise man

In response to questions about Boise State's blue-on-blue uniform ban ...

When you're at the Air Force Academy and you have to fly a mission and the tanks are brown on brown you still have to go fly it.

Just kidding about all those imminent Big East invites

Commish John Marinatto ("Marathon Joint" to those who read the anagram roster) announced that there were no announcements in his teleconference yesterday, only that the exit fee for bolting the Big East will be raised to $10 million at some point. So get out while you can, UCONN.

Boise State versus LSU in Pre-Snap Read's bowl projections

Makes sense, too. If Oregon and West Virginia are BCS teams, the Sugar wouldn't choose rematches for LSU. Boise State might be the only choice.

Bronco Stadium named one of the 10 best stadiums in America by Travel + Leisure magazine

Also, there's a magazine called Travel + Leisure.

More links and birthdays after the jump.

Chadd Cripe puts Louisville coach's raise in perspective


Charlie Strong is 9-10 as the head coach at Louisville and 2-4 in 2011.

Nate Potter named to CBS Sports' midseason All-America team

New Harris Poll voter: Boise State radio play-by-play man Pete Cavender

Also, still Mike Prater.

Boise State labeled  "Chocolate Rain" video in Andy Staples' viral video power rankings

Happy birthday

A very happy birthday to OBNUG reader givemesomemoore. May all your birthday wishes come true. And belated birthday wishes to reader jeffkills. 

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