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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 10-18-11

You wanted fake punt highlights. You got fake punt highlights.

Realignment roundup: New York Times reports Missouri to the SEC is "imminent"

And if the New York Times says something is going to happen eventually, something often does happen eventually. 

Missouri to the SEC theoretically opens up some more expansion possibilities for Boise State, the Big East, and the Big 12. For the time being, the Big East remains the same as it did yesterday with no official invitations FedExed to Bob Kustra or anyone else. In a very Big East move, the conference may be waiting for the end of basketball media days before any football announcements are made. Basketball, how cute.

(HT: Mikrino and others)

Uniform update!


Um, I care about such things. The gray jerseys figure to be similar to the ones that Boise State wore against Virginia Tech last year

Tyrone Crawford, Doug Martin named MWC players of the week

How many times does Kellen Moore have to audible out of a run to get a POW award around here?

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ESPN predicts odds for undefeated teams staying undefeated

The full article is Insider content, so I'll just paste the fancy table here and you can get the jist of things. (Click to make bigger.)


The Broncos have the best shot at staying undefeated (76 percent). Also: Sell on Kansas State.

Sports Illustrated profile on Kellen Moore to appear in this week's magazine

Coach Pete gets more bonuses in proposed new contract (HT: SeniorChief)

Boise State four-star corner recruit Marcus Rios reopens recruitment

First seen in the FanShots. Head there if you want company for your misery.

Nick Patti news and notes 

Glad to hear not all highly-regarded Boise State recruits are reconsidering.