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The Air Force Falcons anagram roster

To kick off our game week coverage here at OBNUG, I typically poke fun at the next opponent by way of anagram wordplay and pointing out that some people's names are poop jokes when you rearrange the letters. But this week is different. Boise State's next opponent is a group of young men who have committed to defending our country's freedoms. They deserve my respect, and they have my admiration.

So how can I make this anagram roster thing work? By having a go at those freedom oppressors at the BCS. This means war. The anagram roster for everyone on the BCS governance page is after the jump.

An anagram is like a word jumble; you take the letters from a word or phrase and mix them up to see what other words or phrases you can come up with. Try it for yourself.

Note: I thought about doing an anagram roster for actual terrorists, but then I thought those terrorists might come after me for making fun of them online. I clearly need to watch less NCIS.

Note No. 2: Some of the guys listed below are good guys who are just guilty by association, like Bob Kustra for instance. Don't hold it against them.


Bill Hancock Hick Con Ball

Graham Spanier Margarine Haps

Scott Cowen Cow Contest

Bob Kustra Kabob Rust

Duane Nellis  Ladles Ennui

Bill Powers Bowler Lisp

Gary Ransdell Lardy Anglers

Charles Steger Grace Shelters

Robert Witt Rob Twitter

Britton Banowsky Rabbi Snotty Wonk

Karl Benson Snorkel Nab

Jim Delany Jean Dimly

John Marinatto Marathon Joint

Chuck Neinas  Chuck Insane

Larry Scott Sly Tractor

Mike Slive Evil Mikes

Craig Thompson Tacos Morphing

Tom Bowen Womb Note

Jeremy Foley Fry Joy Melee

Dan Guerrero Our Gardener

Jim Livengood Deviling Mojo

Dan Radakovich Arachnid Vodka

Keith Tribble Kibble Tither