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Boise State crushes Colorado State, 63-13

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Colorado State got the Mountain West's first taste of Boise State domination as the Broncos rolled to a 63-13 win over the Rams. Doug Martin had a career-high 200 yards and three scores, Kellen Moore had 300 yards and four TDs, and Boise State ran up 742 yards of total offense. Oh, and the Bronco defense made CSU look like eighth graders.

Feel free to leave your thoughts on the game in the comments. A full recap will be after the jump shortly.

Play of the game, arguable

Tyler Shoemaker fake punt run

After their 35-0 lead became a 35-13 lead, the Broncos got the ball to open the second half and promptly stalled near midfield. But instead of giving the ball back to the Rams with Mr. Momentum on CSU's side, Boise State called for a fake punt - a direct snap to Shoemaker who took the ball up the gut for 37 yards. (Shoemaker fumbled out of bounds, so it almost wasn't that great of a play after all.) Boise State scored on a Doug Martin run to make it 42-13 and never looked back.

Other plays of the game:

  • Doug Martin 65-yard touchdown run
  • Aaron Tevis huge hit on that poor unsuspecting Colorado State player whose name I never bothered remembering
  • Pete Thomas overthrowing an open receiver on a deep pass with Boise State leading 14-0
  • Pete Thomas overthrowing an open receiver on a deep pass with Boise State leading 21-0
  • Kellen Moore TD pass to Tyler Shoemaker for 52 yards
  • Colorado State WR pass for a touchdown
  • Colorado State RB pass for a touchdown
  • Kellen Moore TD pass to Tyler Shoemaker for 62 yards
  • Shea McClellin INT
  • Mitch Burroughs 64-yard punt return

Knee-jerk reactions

What an amazing offensive performance by the Broncos. They scored nine touchdowns and also failed to get any points whatsoever on three trips to the red zone. This game could have been 84-0 rather easily ... I was kind of hoping Kellen Moore, who started 17-for-17, would end the night with a perfect completion percentage. So it's off to my video game to right the wrongs of real life (his first incompletion involved a WWE takedown of his intended receiver on a screen) ... Tyrone Crawford came to play ... Todd Christensen came to talk ...

Boise State true freshmen Lee Hightower and Corey Bell both played, burning their redshirts. Hightower looked scary good in mop-up duty. He reminded me of a lean Jeron Johnson ... Stunningly efficient football by both the Boise State offense and Boise State defense. Can you imagine what it will be like against UNLV or New Mexico? Hide yo kids! ...

Your turn

What did you think of Boise State's performance against Colorado State? What were your plays of the game? Share your thoughts in the comments.