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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 10-11-11

Kellen Moore POW
Kellen Moore POW

Kellen racks up another Player of the Week award from the Mountain West

This is Kellen's third POW award so far this year. How high do you think he can go?

Dan Paul likely to redshirt

Paul's recovery from a groin injury has been slow. It's been disappointing to be without Dan and fullback but good to know we'll have him for one more year.

Coach Pete gives Dan Goodale a vote of confidence

He believes Goodale is able to adjust and get better. I guess he has to since no one else is stepping up to take control. I would like to see a few more FG attempts late in blowout games when the score is out of hand just to give him some more tries. 

Coming off a bye week, CSU QB Pete Thomas studied extra hard for Boise State

I hope Pete was taking notes feverishly on Friday night and hasn't found our site or any of Kevan's breakdowns of the Boise State defense.

The Big East announces that they will expand to 12 football playing schools

In case you lost count, they are down to six after Pittsburgh, Syracuse and TCU leave. Air Force, Navy and Army are rumored to be possible additions. Boise State is still being tossed about in rumors even though yesterday the chances were pretty much declared dead.  However, apparently there has been enough rumors to prompt Kustra to issue a statement yesterday that really didn't tell us much and may have been more of a wink. Coach Pete also weighed in on the logistical issue of travel in the Big East.

For us, it’s not that big of a deal (with) how we travel. You get on a plane, you charter. You’re in and out. You’re on a plane four hours instead of two. Whatever. All that’s doable.

Bruce Feldman must be bored with Kellen Moore's greatness

Poor Bruce doesn't even have Kellen in his top 5 for the Heisman. He cites that other QB's have been more impressive. SI's Corey McCartney has Kellen at 6 in his Heisman standings.