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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 10-10-11

Video: Lorenzo Neal speaks in the 3rd person, says he would be open to being Fresno's next coach

Fresno State great, Lorenzo Neal, did a lot of talking but I'm still unsure what he exactly said. I think that he said that only Pat Hill can answer whether or not Fresno State needs a new head coach. I'm sure many Fresno fans would think differently. 

Your Boise State to the Big East rumors have arrived 

The Boston Globe is reporting that the Big East is looking at bringing Boise State and Navy along with Air Force (who already has one foot out the door) on as football only members. That means no Boise State playing in MSG for the Big East tourney, folks. There's a conference call for the Big East today but no invitations are expected to come out of it.

For Boise State's prospects, going to the Big East in the short term seems like a no brainer -- AQ conference, TV money, exposure -- but does staying in the MWC mean better long term prospects especially if the Big East ceases to be a football conference? Surely the MWC would be the best remaining conference outside of the 5 AQ conferences. 

Boise State comes in at number 5 in the first Harris poll

And the rest of the poll pretty much looks like the AP poll. I'm so glad that we have waited until week 7 to have these guys vote in their first poll so they could take a good look at all the teams over their first 5 or 6 games and get an unbiased view. Also, Brad Edwards has his first preview of the BCS top 10 teams. I can't wait until he starts releasing this on Sunday afternoons before the Harris poll has been released so they have something to copy!

In case you missed it, Idaho has an announcement they'd like you to take note of 

No, it's not an announcement about them going to the Big Sky. They have a new logo and it's terrible! As much as we hate the Vandals, the icon of the "I" was sort of iconic. I'm glad that Idaho decided to throw it out. Throw the V!

The Coach Pete speculation to other schools is starting

Not that it's surprising. If you're sportswriter covering a team with a coach on the hot seat, wouldn't you write a column wondering the the AD of said school would consider trying to hire Coach Pete? It would be hard not to write that column. 

Happy birthday to you!

Happy birthday to reader Broncochick. Congratulations on all of your successes!

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