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The NUGies are coming: Submit categories and nominees for Boise State's end-of-year awards

Throw on a sportcoat and dry-clean your going out pants. The NUGies are coming!

The best Boise State award show of the year kicks off next week, and I need your help getting ready. What categories do you want to see? What players need lionizing? What moments need frozen? How can we get David Augusto's name in there without being too obvious?

All suggestions are welcome, so leave your thoughts in the comments or shoot me an email. After the jump, I'll list some of the categories that will be returning for this year plus some new ones I'm considering. Rock the NUGies, Bronco fans.

Annual NUGie faves that will likely be returning:

  • Player of the Year NUGie
  • Marty Tadman Honorary NUGie
  • NUGie Offensive MVP
  • NUGie Defensive MVP
  • NUGie Game of the Year
  • NUGie Play of the Year

In addition to these, I would like to feature the most anticipated future Bronco, the Boise State theme of the year, and something belittling about the University of Idaho - probably a Shiloh Keo joke. What else do you got? Share your categories and nominees in the comments.