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Bowl Pick 'Em update: The home stretch

From the omniscient highs of Oklahoma over UCONN to the confounding lows of Washington over Nebraska, bowl season had done its usual evil on Bowl Pick 'Em. Here now is your list of those who have survived it best:

1 DRD Bizarro picks, D. Dow 400
2 Lcek26 1, Z. Leckenby 396
3 robg913, r. gluck 386
4 D_Summit, D. Smith 379
4 FourthDownEighteen 1, B. Uhlenhoff 379
6 Twitchdog, A. Twitchell 376
7 ToneBoneBoise 1, T. Zaccheo 372
8 bigelda 1, D. Bigelow 371
9 Poolio, M. Poole 368
10 MyDadTeachesAtBSU 1, C. Hoeger 365

Standings updated 1/4 a.m.


Analysis after the jump. That's right, analysis of Pick 'Em. It's most definitely the offseason.

DRD Bizarro Picks either really good at picks or really good at cheating

For awhile there, i was sure that DRD was superb at picking college football games. The entry has held the top spot in the OBNUG Bowl Pick 'Em group for as long as I can remember. Bowl picking genius!

But then I looked at DRD's picks over the past few days. Until Stanford's win last night, the OBNUG leader had gone on a seven-game picking skid, missing the Ticketcity Bowl through the Fiesta Bowl. And he remained No. 1 Cheater!

Ultimately, what has made DRD's pick spread great will also doom it. DRD did not assign confidence points, leaving the default values on everything. All that is great for a good start to bowl season, but come the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl and all two of its confidence points, it's not going to do you any favors. (Everyone knows that Nevada is going to win big and you should put all your confidence points on them. Wait, Nevada's going to lose, aren't they? Doggone it.)

Your worst Pick 'Em entry update

Congratulations to those who have eschewed the goal of Pick 'Em and excelled at picking the wrong team with great frequency. Your place in history comes with Heavyweights on DVD. Lucky.

TonsOFun131, 188 points
Belexes, 201
Broncofanatic54, 203
Future MWC All Star, 206
Richmondfan7, 208

There are only six games remaining, so good luck to those in contention and those just hoping to save some face.