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How satisfied are you with the Boise State basketball team? Let a website tell you

Boise State basketball is headed toward a 20-win season, sitting pretty in second place in the WAC, and fresh off a win over the Vandals. How satisfied are you with the team's performance this season? A college basketball website attempts to answer that question for you with formulas and algorithms and charts. Continue reading for the website's take on Bronco Nation, and feel free to agree or disagree in the comments.

Games this week:

@ New Mexico State, tonight, 7:05 MT

@ Louisiana Tech, Saturday, 6:05 MT

The Boise State basketball fan satisfaction chart

If you like fancy charts and college basketball, you can't bookmark a much better site than As part of its compulsive coverage of CBB, Statsheet has come up with a way to measure fan satisfaction for each and every game for each and every team. Boy, and I thought I had too much free time on my hands.

We've built a complex algorithm that uses a variety of factors to compute the satisfaction score.

Those factors: 1) winning, 2) losing, 3) Greg Graham.

Here is their chart for the Boise State's 2010-2011 college basketball season to date:


Click for interactive chart.

To put that in perspective, take a look at the freefall seasons of the past.

What's your fan satisfaction level with the Boise State basketball team?

The above chart puts Bronco Nation's Fan Satisfaction Level at a barely agreeable Level One, but I think that's too low. Maybe I'm an optimist. More likely I just place an extreme amount of value on beating Idaho. Scoreboard, Jeff Ledbetter!

I guess your satisfaction level with this team will come down to where your expectations are. I don't expect much. I'd like the Broncos to not finish last in the conference and miss out on the tournament. I'd like to beat Idaho twice. And that's about it. The NIT and the College Insider Whatever Tournament would be great consolation prizes, but I'll be content with the simple fact that Bronco basketball matters again.

All other thoughts on this can be classified under: Less roundball, more throwball please!

This week's games

Boise State wraps up a three-game road trip with stops at New Mexico State (tonight) and Louisiana Tech (Saturday) this week. The Broncos already beat the Aggies and Bulldogs back in December at the TBA, so if I know this team as well as I think I do, there's no way of telling what will happen in these games.

The Broncos moved into a tie for second place in the conference with their win over Idaho. Here are your WAC standings headed into the weekend:

Western Athletic Conference Standings

(updated 1.26.2011 at 11:23 PM MST)

Conf Overall
Utah State Aggies 7 0 18 2
Idaho Vandals 5 2 12 7
Boise St. Broncos 5 2 12 7
New Mexico St. Aggies 4 3 10 11
Nevada Wolf Pack 4 3 7 13
Fresno St. Bulldogs 3 4 8 10
Hawaii Warriors 3 5 12 8
San Jose St. Spartans 1 6 9 9
Louisiana Tech Bulldogs 0 7 9 12