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NUGie results: Boise State's end-of-year award winners

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Come one, come all to Boise State's end-of-year awards show! Oh wait. Not you, Vandal fan. You're not on the guest list.

After the jump, I reveal the winners for this year's NUGies based on your votes. How many NUGies will Kellen Moore win? Can Martin-over-Keo sweep the plays of the year categories? Why didn't Thomas Byrd vote for himself? Is he really that humble? Let's get to the awards.

NUGie Offensive MVP

Wfgsmovobtalbyg Offmvp_medium

Kevan's vote: Kellen Moore. What can I say? The award should go to the player who makes the offense run. That, and I have a slight infatuation with him. Slight. No need to alert Max Corbet.

Your vote:

  1. Kellen Moore: 77%
  2. Doug Martin: 10%
  3. Austin Pettis: 2% (10 votes)
  4. Titus Young: 2% (9 votes)
  5. Thomas Byrd: 0% (0 votes)

Write-in votes: Tyler Shoemaker, Will Lawrence

NUGie Defensive MVP

Mkqxxuwwtpcaepo Defmvp_medium

Kevan's vote: Shea McClellin. I like to think that I predicted McClellin to have a breakout year this offseason when I saw him terrorizing the Boise State offense during scrimmages. But I can't find proof of it anywhere. It is the WMDs of OBNUG.

Your vote:

  1. Shea McClellin: 31%
  2. Winston Venable: 19%
  3. Billy Winn: 17%
  4. Byron Hout: 11%
  5. Ryan Winterswyk: 9%
  6. Jeron Johnson: 6%

Write-in votes: The defense as a whole, Coach Kwiatkowski, George Iloka

Newcomer of the Year NUGie

Crawford_medium Newcomer_medium

Kevan's vote: Tyrone Crawford. The man received All-America honors as a backup, so yeah, he was pretty good.

Your vote:

  1. Tyrone Crawford: 46%
  2. Stephen Kinsey: 38%
  3. Gabe Linehan: 10%
  4. Joe Southwick: 3%

Write-in votes: Ricky Tjong-A-Tjoe

NUGie Game of the Year

Gyi0061512490_medium Gameofyear_medium

Kevan's vote: Idaho. Not only did Boise State tie The Streak, they did so in dominating fashion in Idaho's garage stadium and on national television. There were so many memorable moments from the first quarter of that game - Kellen Moore's guns, Martin over Keo. Sigh. If they don't play this rivalry again for another 20 years, this was a good one to end on.

Your vote:

  1. Boise State 33, Virginia Tech 30: 78%
  2. Boise State 51, Fresno State 0: 8%
  3. Boise State 52, Idaho 14: 4%
  4. Boise State 42, Hawaii 7: 3%
  5. Boise State 26, Utah 3: 2%

Write-in votes: Boise State vs. Nevada, Boise State vs. Oregon State

NUGie Play of the Year


Kevan's vote: Moore-to-Young to almost beat Nevada. When I think back on all the great plays throughout the year, Moore's throw to Young at the end of the Nevada game was the one that brought out the most emotion for me. I hadn't celebrated like that since the 2007 Fiesta Bowl.

Your vote:

  1. Moore-to-Pettis to beat Virginia Tech: 40%
  2. Moore-to-Young to almost beat Nevada: 27%
  3. Tommy Gallarda's one-hand TD catch vs. VT: 14%
  4. Doug Martin runs over Shiloh Keo for a TD: 10%
  5. Titus Young's one-hand grab vs. Oregon State: 2% (9 votes)
  6. Aaron Tevis's one-hand pick-six vs. SJSU: 2% (7 votes)

Write-in votes: Doug Martin's 84-yard TD run versus Utah, anything Coach Kinsey called, Pettis's punt block versus Virginia Tech, Pettis-to-Pettis in the Vegas Bowl, Pettis-to-Moore TD toss vs. LaTech

NUGie Run of the Year


Kevan's vote: D.J. Harper goes 71 yards vs. VT. Maybe I'm just feeling all sentimental and stuff, but Harper's run was one of the most timely runs of the year on one of the biggest stages of the year. Georgia might want to gameplan for him. He may be the best September running back in the country.

Your vote:

  1. Doug Martin breaks off 84-yard TD vs. Utah: 44%
  2. Doug Martin trucks Shiloh Keo into the end zone: 28%
  3. D.J. Harper goes 71 yards vs. VT: 20%
  4. Kellen Moore's 11-yard scramble: 3%
  5. Jeremy Avery's fumble TD run: 1%

Write-in votes: Doug Martin's TD catch-and-run versus Nevada

NUGie for Most Underrated Player

Baker_medium Underrated_medium

Kevan's vote: Chase Baker. The argument could be made that Baker was the team's most valuable defensive player this year, and since that argument isn't being made by anyone, that certainly qualifies him as underrated.

Your vote:

  1. Chase Baker: 40%
  2. Dan Paul: 18%
  3. Jamar Taylor: 14%
  4. Joe Kellogg: 8%
  5. Cedric Febis: 6%
  6. Matt Slater: 4%

Write-in votes: Byron Hout, Faraji Wright, Doug Martin, George Iloka, Jake "Dungeon Master" Broyles, Kellen Moore, Tommy Gallarda, Thomas Byrd, Winston Venable, Will Lawrence

Least Convincing Breakout Season NUGie

Kaiser_medium Nonbreakout_medium

Kevan's vote: Brenel Myers. Myers showed such promise against Jerry Hughes in the Fiesta Bowl. I expected him to begin a Ryan Clady-like ascension into all-time territory with the Broncos. That can still happen. Just not starting last year.

Your vote:

  1. Matt Kaiserman: 23%
  2. Derrell Acrey: 22%
  3. Kyle Efaw: 20%
  4. (tie) Brenel Myers, Hunter White: 12%

Write-in votes: Brandyn Thompson, D.J. Harper, Mickey Mouse

The Malcolm Johnson Memorial Most Anticipated Newcomer of 2011 NUGie

Jeremyioane12_11150_medium Mostanticipated_medium

Kevan's vote: Jeremy Ioane. To be honest, I may have voted for him last year, too.

Your vote:

  1. Jeremy Ioane: 62%
  2. Jay Ajayi: 14%
  3. Robert Prince: 7%
  4. Dextrell Simmons: 5%
  5. Jeff Worthy: 3%

Write-in votes: Matt Miller, Tanner Mangum

Marty Tadman Honoray NUGie for Excellence in the Field of Marty Tadman

Wfgsmovobtalbyg Tadman_medium

Kevan's vote: Billy Winn. Seemingly every week, Winn was making plays and setting the tone for the Broncos on defense. He also does not reply to my emails, just like Marty Tadman.

Your vote:

  1. Kellen Moore for being a football genius: 35%
  2. Doug Martin for being awesome: 27%
  3. Jeron Johnson for leadership in the secondary: 16%
  4. Billy Winn for playmaking: 11%
  5. Titus Young for personality: 6%
  6. Gabe Linehan for tattoos: 2%

Loss of the Year NUGie

Vandersad_medium Loss_medium

Note: I refuse to post a picture of that Nevada game, mostly because I cannot bring myself to look up info on that Nevada game. You are stuck with James Vanderbeek.

Kevan's vote: Nevada over Boise State. This was easily the moment with the biggest impact on the Boise State season. A distant second: Brad Elkin's redshirt.

Your vote:

  1. Nevada 34, Boise State 31, OT: 60%
  2. Utah, BYU, and TCU leave the Mountain West: 25%
  3. D.J. Harper lost for the year: 6%
  4. K Matt Goudis decommits: 4%
  5. Bryan Harsin going to Texas: 3%
  6. No player Tweets allowed: 0% (2 votes)
  7. Justin Wilcox going to Tennessee: 0% (1 vote)

Write-in votes: Byron Hout

Hit of the Year NUGie


Kevan's vote: Martin over Keo. Had it been any other player that Martin ran over, I don't think it would have been as sweet.

Your vote:

  1. Doug Martin on Shiloh Keo: 61%
  2. Winston Venable on James Rodgers: 16%
  3. Winston Venable on Terrance Cain: 7% (30 votes)
  4. Jarvis Hodge on Toledo LB: 7% (29 votes)
  5. Winston Venable on Austin Dantin: 3%

Write-in votes: Doug Martin over Wyoming's Chris Proskinski, the Mikrino Poll ("man, that guy's a genius"), Winston Venable on anyone

Worst Call of the Year NUGie


Kevan's vote: Kick catching interference vs. Nevada. Though the WAC tried to explain that it was the right call, every single person I know thought it was the wrong call. (Sidenote: I don't know any Nevada fans.)

Your vote:

  1. Kick catching interference on Doug Martin vs. Nevada: 61%
  2. Wide right on Kyle Brotzman's FG vs. Nevada: 19%
  3. Geraldo Hiwat's non-fumble recovery TD vs. Utah: 7%
  4. Titus Young's non-TD catch vs. Utah: 3%
  5. Winston Venable helmet-to-helmet on James Rodgers: 2% (10 votes)
  6. Orange uniforms: 2% (9 votes)

Write-in votes: Putting one second back on the clock at end of regulation in Nevada, Pro Combat uniforms, Yes

Quote of the Year NUGie


Kevan's vote: "Making sandwiches." I voted this way based on how often I use each of these quotes in everyday life. Slow guy on the freeway? He's making sandwiches in there. On hold on the telephone? I'm making sandwiches while I wait. Making sandwiches? Well, that one is kind of obvious.

Your vote:

  • "Mark May is Home Depot's biggest tool." - BSU College Gameday sign: 29%
  • "It's a culture that is nasty, inebriated." - Bob Kustra, BSU president: 26%
  • "He's making sandwiches back there." - Dave Ryan, CBS College Sports: 18%
  • "We do not play the Little Sisters of the Poor." - Gordon Gee, tOSU president: 15%
  • "If you run over Shiloh Keo, you've done some running over." - Joe Glenn, WSN: 6%
  • "Footbaw." - Bob Davie, ESPN: 0% (1 vote)

Write-in votes:

  • "Shiloh Keo just got a mouthful of Doug Martin." - Joe Tessitore
  • "Kellen Moore ran 11 yards once. It took five minutes." - Kevan Lee
  • "Oklahoma has been caught with their pants down before." - Unknown
  • "After the game, he'll be cleaning the stadium and getting up at 7:00 a.m. to make it to class." - Coach Pete on Kellen Moore
  • "He's just sitting back there playing video games." - Kirk Herbstreit
  • "One play can win a game, but one play can't lose a game." - Coach Pete

Blog Bet of the Year NUGie


Kevan's vote: NMSU. If only for the incessant Dick Tomey references that were probably only funny to me.

Your vote:

  1. Virginia Tech: 60%
  2. Oregon State: 13%
  3. Hawaii: 10%
  4. New Mexico State: 4%

Write-in votes: Utah, Nevada, Wyoming

Celebration of the Year NUGie



Kevan's vote: Kellen Moore does a Jim Valvano. Moore's reaction after his TD toss to Pettis - running around the field with his arms raised - was almost identical to what I was doing in my living room. Minus the fistpumps.

Your vote:

  1. Kellen Moore breaks out the imaginary guns versus Idaho: 71%
  2. Austin Pettis flips into the end zone versus Wyoming: 11%
  3. Kellen Moore does a Jim Valvano with TD celebration versus VaTech: 7%
  4. Derrell Acrey performs Ray Lewis impersonation after pick-six versus Utah State: 4%

Write-in votes: Austin Pettis with his hand to his ear after scoring against VT

Mark Johnson Misadventures in Broadcasting NUGie



Kevan's vote: Dick Tomey. Mark Johnson had a terribleness about him where you knew he was terrible but you kind of wanted to keep listening just to see what terrible mistake he might make next. Dick Tomey has that same terribleness.

Your vote:

  1. Dick Tomey and the WAC Sports Network: 43%
  2. WAC Sports Network down-and-distance graphics: 20%
  3. KTVB's failed live video coverage of BSU press conference: 19%
  4. Ryan Larrondo not blinking ever: 10%

Write-in votes: All of the above, Joe Glenn, Larrondo's shimmy, Mark Johnson's ad lib at MWC media presser

Weekly Reader Article of the Year NUGie


Kevan's vote: I abstain from voting. Anyone who can write an article a week is a hero in my book. I mean, half the blogs on SB Nation can't do that.

Your vote:

  1. The Mikrino Poll: 29%
  2. Hatemay Game Thoughts: 20%
  3. Munson's Gazetta: 14%
  4. This Week at the Diggitys: 5% (22 votes)
  5. Live from Riverside: 5% (20 votes)

Write-in votes: All of the above, Three Stars, Coach Kinsey updates, Dairy Queen posts


As always, there were a lot of fun miscellaneous comments stuffed into the ballot box, so I'll sort through them this morning and add them to this post shortly.

Update: Sorted!

In made-up categories:

Most efficient passer rating: Austin Pettis over Kellen Moore

Best being able to make coherent comments at Heisman ceremony: Kellen Moore and Andrew Luck

Most likely to have Hadron Collider named after them: Doug Martin and Winston Venable

The Windoug Marable Collider?

Best fan response: Kyle Brotzman's 40,000+ Facebook page


That is all. Just Hamster.

Best hairdo: (ed's note: and I quote) Billy Winn's terrifying frohawk of bloodlust

Best senior: All of them.

Best spelling of the year: Idaho fans spelling inebriated correctly

Honorary "Own Personal Brand of Heroin" (Twilight reference) Award: OBNUG reader spayandneuter for going to every Bronco game, home and away, this season

Best moment at an OBNUG tailgate: The governor stopping by in D.C.

Most underplayed: Jarvis Hodge

Runner up for misadventures in broadcasting: Bronco Stadium P.A. and video system for repeatedly displaying "Great Catch" after a big run


Best gameday fan get-up ever: Muscle Hamster

The Honorary Mikrino NUGie for being like Mikrino: Mikrino

Idaho Joke:

How does a Vandal count to 13?    0 and 1, 0 and 2, 0 and 3, 0 and 4.......

Not a category, but I'll definitely allow it.

In addition to these, I also had readers praise the Muscle Hamster nickname and costume, suggest Will Lawrence for multiple awards of varying degrees of being superhuman, calls for Mr. Fiskers, support for the orange uniforms, Robb Akey jokes, ESPN complaints, and someone who just wrote "munson'd."

And it wouldn't be a NUGie award ceremony without a visit from our OBNUG reader, Bronco fan, and Brazil resident.

Hey guys, I'm the Broncos fan from Brazil, again. Thanks for publishing my comment on the last NUGies. Just wanna thank you for all the work you put on the blog, you guys are awesome, keep doing what you do.


Go Broncos, indeed.

Thank you to all the OBNUGgers who voted and thanks also for making this season a great one. Looking forward to talking with you all this offseason. Boise State to the Big XII! Or something. I'm sure we'll have plenty to discuss.