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Who to root for in tonight's Auburn-Oregon BCS championship

Notice I did not call it a national championship game. Semantics Nazi.

How should Bronco fans cheer in tonight's BCS finale? Root for an SEC team and watch part of you die? Or pull for Oregon and condemn your soul? Maybe we should all just watch Two and a Half Men and - nope, bad idea.

Join me after the jump for a look at what's involved in cheering for tonight's winner, and leave your thoughts on who you want to see come away with the win. Go Tigers? Go Ducks? Let's discuss.

Go Tigers!
  • Cam Newton is the most exciting player in college football (if you only get CBS on your TV).
  • Auburn probably deserves the national championship after getting one taken from them in 2005.
  • They have an actual eagle for a mascot.
  • They are not Oregon.

Go Ducks!

  • Oregon is the underdog (by three points - not that I have any money on it).
  • Nike uniforms. This may also be a reason not to root for them.
  • Oregon is somewhat of a local team, playing in the Northwest.
  • Auburn plays in the SEC, and the SEC doesn't need any more reason to think the SEC is the business.

Of course, the worst part about rooting for the Oregon Ducks is that it makes you an Oregon Ducks fan - if only for a night. And Bronco fans will do just about anything to never ever be anywhere close to an Oregon fan.

Bowl Pick 'Em rooting guide

Tonight's game will decide the winner of OBNUG Bowl Pick 'Em, making rooting interests fairly obvious for a couple of you. Here are the standings, including who chose whom in tonight's game and how many confidence points are involved.

Entry Points Pick Confidence
pretendhuman 474 Oregon 1
Lcek26 453 Auburn 24

Cheer accordingly.