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OBNUG Pick 'Em: Week One winners and Week Two games

The first weekend of college football lasted an incredible 5 days. In some ways it dragged on as we waited for Monday night, but in other ways I'm surprised it's come and gone. Thank goodness we don't have to wait another seven months for the next set of games.

Get your Pick 'Em fix after the jump, as we recap the picks from last week and I lay out the picks for Week Two.

How the WAC Fared

The rest of the WAC had a difficult opening schedule but seemed to fare alright all things considered (like when you consider they are normally terrible). Here are their results:

  • Hawaii was able to keep things interesting with USC out on the island. Could it be a sign of strength from the Warriors? A win over Colorado in the coming weeks would be nice. 
  • Idaho challenged themselves against the Fighting North Dakotians. I'm sure Mark Schlereth was pleased.
  • Nevada somehow gave up 26 points to Eastern Washington. I'm sure that bodes well for their defense this year.
  • Utah State was able to give Oklahoma a bit of a scare. Borel looked good against the Sooner defense putting up 341 yards through the air for 2 TDs.
  • San Jose State did what they were told and took their beating from Mark Igram-less Alabama. Their reward: cash.
  • Fresno State did what they do best and beat a BCS team early in the year. Fresno travels down to Oxford to take on Mississippi in three weeks for what now looks like a very winnable game. Could they go on a bit of a run before they take on Boise State on the Blue on November 19.
  • And LaTech played Grambling State. So, umm, yeah...

Those Other Guys

TCU and Utah had some impressive wins to open the season. In fact, on yesterday's Around the Horn, I already had to listen to Bill Plaschke start to tout TCU as a better team than Boise State. Serves me right for working from home.

TCU's win was a double whammy as Oregon State has now dropped out of both major polls and TCU sits right behind Boise State in the AP. As much as people get on Boise State for their schedule, TCU only has one ranked team (#20 Utah) left on theirs.

As for Utah, I sure didn't think they would stop Pittsburgh, but they came away with a solid win over a ranked team. They don't seem to have any challenges too tough before they meet up with TCU on November 6.

The Game Played Monday Night

First of all, it was great to meet everyone at the OBNUG tailgate party on Monday. Unfortunately we had to setup in the Grey lot which is a long ways from the stadium. Sorry for those of you who couldn't find us and/or didn't have time to make the trek.

I was hearing rumors that the line had shifted drastically on the game. Our picks were with Boise State favored by 2.5 points. At game time, I was seeing anything from Hokies favored by a point to 2 points. In the end, it looks like the odds makers got it right with the initial spread of 2.5 points.

The Results

We had 4 entries that correctly picked 8 of the 9 games against the spread.

But with the closest tiebreaker, THESHREWDONE pulls out the Week One win. Congrats.

Week 2 Games

We have a short week so get your picks in. Here is the list of games. 

San Jose St. (0-1) at #11 WISCONSIN (1-0) -37.5

Pick: Wisconsin

I don't think San Jose State has any fight left in them.

Hawaii (0-1) at ARMY (1-0) -2.5

Pick: Army

Hawaii traveling to the mainland always has an impact. 

Idaho (1-0) at #6 NEBRASKA (1-0) -28.5

Pick: Nebraska

I'm ready for Idaho's expectations to come back down to earth.

#12 Miami Fla (1-0) at #2 OHIO ST. (1-0) -9.5

Pick: Miami

I have a feeling but it could just be the gyro I had for lunch.

#7 Oregon (1-0) at TENNESSEE (1-0) +12.5

Pick: Tennessee

I have faith in Justin Wilcox's defense. Maybe I'm just crazy.

#18 Penn St. (1-0) at #1 ALABAMA (1-0) -11.5

Pick: Alabama

Just can't pick a Big 10 team on the road.

Wyoming (1-0) at #5 TEXAS (1-0) -29.5

Pick: Wyoming

That's a lot of points and I think Wyoming is feisty.

Louisiana Tech (1-0) at TEXAS A&M (1-0) -18.5

Pick: Texas A&M

I have no clue.

San Diego St. (1-0) at NEW MEXICO ST. (3-10) +12.5

Pick: San Diego State

I can't believe San Diego State is favored by double digits over anyone. Oh wait. Double digits over New Mexico State? Yeah, I can see that.

Colorado St. (0-1) at NEVADA (1-0) -23.5

Pick: Nevada

I think Nevada will do what it does best and run the ball against an inferior opponent. 

Your turn

Log on or sign up to the OBNUG Pick 'Em group to make your weekly picks, and then overshare in the comments about who you chose and why.