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Around the interwebs: Boise State's win in screengrabs


As a blogger and fan of cat pictures, I tend to spend a lot of time on Al Gore's greatest invention...after Bronco wins—especially big ones—even more so. Monday night,  I took the liberty of screen-capturing some of my faves from around the web after I returned home and downed a dozen TUMS™. The ballots have been counted, and here are the top ten from the evening—each with their own award of distinction. After the jump, enjoy the fruits of my surfing labors (click each screencap for the full-sized version)

Category: In the news


10. The award for freshest headline pun—


Subtle, understated, smooth. You'll never work for the Idaho Statesman.

9. The award for bumping Barack Obama's transit plan—USA TODAY


Maybe more importantly, Boise State bumped a story about the WWE.

8. The award for least subtle headline pun—FOX Sports


That's one buckin' awful headline pun.

7. The award for stumbling on to the pun that everyone else did 2 years ago—CBS Sports


Please send Gregg Doyel to pick up your award. It will be waiting for him at the end of this short pier.

6. The award for most straightforward headline—Sporting News


What a bunch of buzzkills. Bonus points for featuring übermensch Dan Paul on the teaser though.

5. The award for sadly inevitable snub—


On the bright side, the win might have vaulted Boise State into CFN's top-25.

Category: Twitter

4. The award for "if you like us so much, how about donating to the stadium expansion?"—LeBron James


I'll still never forgive you for leaving Cleveland.

3. The Doubting Thomas award—Stewart Mandel


You'll do it again, don't worry.

2. The award for faint praise—Kirk Herbstreit


The Broncos care not for "discussions." They are men of action.

1. The "proving Bob Kustra right" award—Mark Schlereth


From left to right, I've circled something fitting, something pathetic, and something astonishing. Oops, looks like I forgot to clear my search bar on this one, too.