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"Did Boise State steal a win" and other random musings

The Broncos pulled off one of the greatest wins in school history last night, and I have just begun to start sorting things out. How did Boise State do it? How did it make me feel? And how am I going to survive the next four months?

After the jump, I lay out some of the thoughts that are dominating my head this morning, the biggest one being how this win compares to other Bronco biggies. And then I'm opening it up to you. What reaction do you have to Boise State's win now that it has sunk in? Think my random musings are too out there? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Thoughts I thought: Did Boise State steal a win?

I feel kind of guilty even entertaining this idea, but I can't help it. That game last night felt for all intents and purposes like a loss, right up until the final two minutes. Virginia Tech was having their way with the Boise State defense, the Bronco offense was playing in fits and starts, and Boise State was trailing for a good chunk of the second half.

The game seemed more out of Boise State's control than any other game I can remember since the 2008 Poinsettia Bowl. Virginia Tech was a Tyrod Taylor scramble away from icing the game late. They were a long completion away from sending it to overtime.

If you had watched the game as an unbiased observer, I am sure you would have felt Virginia Tech was in command. Right up until the final two minutes.

Boise State made the plays when they absolutely had to and it just so happened to be right at the end. It's not often that a Boise State team snatches victory from the jaws of defeat, but it happened last night.

And maybe that's why it feels so weird. Bronco fans aren't used to seeing the Broncos win games this way. When Boise State wins, it is thorough and convincing and typically very comfortable. It was none of those things last night.

Thoughts I thought: If Boise State were ever going to a lose a game, this one was it

It takes a lot of football karma to go undefeated three out of four regular seasons and win two BCS bowls. Well, football karma seemed to catch up with the Broncos last night.

They lost two fumbles in the most bizarre ways - Thomas Byrd schruting an easy recovery and Nate Potter going Derrick Thomas on Kellen Moore. They blew a 17-point lead. They committed over 100 yards' worth of penalties, including two personal fouls, two pass interferences, and one of the worst running into the kickers you will see. They wasted a second half timeout that could have come in very handy later. They missed a gimme field goal.

And they won?

Against No. 10 Virginia Tech?

Thoughts I thought: Boise State is going to steamroll some teams this year

This thought began when I witnessed Billy Winn stand up an offensive guard, stare him right in the eyes, and throw him aside like a hacky-sack. Boise State is going to destroy some teams this year.

The Bronco defensive line is stupendous. Keep in mind that Ryan Winterswyk was not even close to 100 percent last night. A healthy Winterswyk coupled with Winn, Chase Baker, and Shea McClellin is unblockable for six out of eight WAC teams. The backup line of Michael Atkinson, Ricky Tjong-A-Tjoe, Tyrone Crawford, and Jarrell Root could start for half of the nation's teams. This line is amazing.

The Bronco running game is astounding. They ran for 180 yards on 24 carries last night against one of the best defenses they will see. Can you imagine D.J. Harper running against Hawaii? Doug Martin against Nevada? Jarvis Hodge against San Jose State? Watch out.

Thoughts I thought: I'm good if Boise State loses this one

For much of the fourth quarter and especially during Virginia Tech's penultimate drive, I had officially talked myself into accepting a Boise State loss. I wasn't happy about it, but I was resigned to it. Here was my rationale:

  • The next 11 games on the Broncos' schedule will be much easier to stomach. No pressure. Fewer sleepless nights. Less anxiety.
  • I don't have to hear about the BCS for the next five months.
  • All those late-to-the-party Bronco bandwagoneers can move on.

I was especially content with that last one. Of course, two minutes and a Kellen Moore feat of strength later, I was unconvincing myself of everything I had just convinced myself of.

Thoughts I thought: Poinsettia Bowl much?

Was it just me or was this game the spitting image of the 2008 Poinsettia Bowl?

Boise State jumps out to an early lead. Opposing team scores just before halftime. Opposing team takes it to Boise State for a good portion of time. Kyle Brotzman misses an important field goal. And Mark May was prominently involved. It was like something out of the Twilight Zone. Or Quantum Leap since I liked Quantum Leap a lot more than I liked Twilight Zone.

Thoughts I thought: Never mind all those bad things I said about Tyrod Taylor

I had my doubts about Taylor before the game. And while I'm not going to anoint him the next Vince Young, I am willing to admit that I underestimated him. I underestimated him a whole lot.

Your turn

What do you think about my random Bronco thoughts? Did you share any of them? Which ones were you thinking? Share your thoughts in the comments.