Games that will Impact our Broncos – Week 5


With so many games to follow during Week 5, which ones matter - and why? Which teams can help Boise the most? What would be their impact? Which team will win this week’s Dougie?

Join me after the jump for this week’s list of games that should be followed by any respectable Boise State fan.

Last week, readers voted the showdown between #1 Bama and #10 Arkansas as the game that would impact the Broncos the most. Well, the Razorbacks pulled a Fresno and handed the game to the Tide. Luckily, the Hokies were more disciplined and pulled off the win against what readers voted the 2nd most important game. Nevada was the reader’s 3rd choice, and luckily they held serve against BYU. Fresno pulled a Fresno… and Pat Hill’s reputation remains intact.


One Doug Martin Games – Kinda Helps Boise


 UC Davis at San Jose State, 6PM

Line:  N/A

Root For:  Spartans

Why?  If the Spartans cannot beat a 1-3 FCS team, the WAC’s SOS is in big trouble. Wait. The WAC’s SOS is already in big trouble. Can it get any worse? Let’s not find out.


 Georgia at Colorado, 5PM

Line:  Bulldogs by 4

Root For:  Buffs

Why?  Is it possible? Can the Buffs regain some type of relevance by beating one of the SEC’s perennial powerhouses? If they do, it would give a boost to the Rainbow Warriors SOS, who fell to the Buffs two weeks ago.


 Navy at Air Force

Line:  Falcons by 10

Root For:  Midshipmen

Why?  The Broncos want all of its opponents to have strong SOS’s. LaTech played – and lost – to the Midshipmen. Hopefully that loss won’t look as bad by the end of the year. Beating their rival Falcons improves the chances of that happening.



Two Doug Martin Games – Helps Boise



 Cal Poly at Fresno State, 8PM

Line:  N/A

Root For:  Bulldogs

Why?  The 3-1 FCS Mustangs are a perfect trap game for our perpetually forward-looking Bulldogs. Please do not let Fresno pull another Fresno. One of those per year is more than enough.


 #11 Wisconsin at #21 Michigan State, 1PM on ABC / ESPN

Line:  Badgers by 1

Root For:  Spartans

Why?  Michigan State has less of a chance to run the table than the Badgers. Plus, a one-loss Badger team might be overlooked by the Buckeyes. Since the Spartans play at home, they’ve got more than a fighting chance.


 Tennessee at #12 LSU, 1:30PM on CBS

Line:  Tigers by 16!

Root For:  Vols

Why?  Giving the Tigers their first loss of the season would be welcome news for the Broncos, whose only realistic chance to make the NCG is to have no more than one undefeated BCS team. Will the Volunteers win in Death Valley? No, but that’s why they play the game.


 Notre Dame at Boston College

Line:  Irish by 2

Root For:  Eagles

Why?  VaTech shut out the Eagles last week. The better the Eagles are, the better VaTech looks. Plus, who doesn’t love seeing the Fighting Irish continue racking up the L’s?



Three Doug Martin Games – Really Helps Boise



 #7 Florida at #1 Alabama, 6PM MST CBS

Line:  Bama by 8

Root For:  The Gators

Why?  There is considerable debate within Bronco Nation about which of these teams to root for. The purists claim the Broncos should root for Bama to win so we can be matched against "the best of the best" and no one could argue with the results if we won. My take? The haters will always be there. They’d argue that we were able to rest our guys more because of our weak SOS. Therefore, my take on all posts is to root for the results that have the greatest chance of landing the Broncos in the National Championship Game.


 #2 Ohio State at Illinois, 10AM

Line:  Buckeyes by 17

Root For:  Fighting Illini

Why?   A loss by the Buckeyes would propel the Broncos up another spot. Don’t get your hopes up though. The Illini barely nipped Northern Illinois, 28-22.


 The Team that Plays Western Michigan at Western Michigan, Noon

Line:  Bad Guys by 3

Root For:  Not Western Michigan

Why?  WAC wins are good for BSU, even if they come at the expense of those wanting the Vandals to never score a point again.


 Brigham Young at Utah State, 6PM Thurs ESPN

Line :  BYU by 4

Root For:  USU Aggies

Why?  WAC out-of-conference wins are good for Boise, even if they are not against BCS conference foes. Plus, don’t we want to send BYU running to Independent status with its tail between its legs?


 #21 Texas at #8 Oklahoma, 1:30PM

Line:  Sooners by 4

Root For:  Longhorns

Why?  The fewer undefeated teams the better. An undefeated Big XII team would have a good chance of jumping the Broncos.


 Wyoming at Toledo, 5PM

Line:  Rockets by 4

Root For:  Rockets

Why?  While both of these teams are on the Bronco’s schedule, one can safely write off the Cowboys as pretenders. Toledo, at 3-1 with a win over a Big Ten opponent, could boost its cred with another victory Saturday. This would give the Broncos a worthy opponent in two weeks – something it is in desperate need of.



Four Doug Martin Games – Seriously Helps Boise



 The Good Guys at New Mexico State, 6PM

Line:  Good Guys by 43

Root For:  Duh

Why?  A loss to these guys might cause me to have a heart attack.


 #25 Nevada at UNLV, 8PM

Line:  Wolfpack by 20

Root For:  Wolfpack

Why?  Gosh it feels good to put a rank next to another WAC opponent. If the Football Gods allow me to keep putting such a rank next to the Wolfpack this year, I’ll be one happy Bronco. Until we crush them in Reno, of course.


 VaTech at #23 NC State, 1:30PM on ABC

Line:  Hokies by 4

Root For:  Hokies – Big!

Why?  Beating a ranked team would put the Hokies back in the national spotlight for possible inclusion down the road in the top 25. Plus, it would add instant cred to the Bronco’s takedown of the Hokies on Labor Day. Such a win could not come at a better time, with the Broncos making the cover of SI.


 Arizona State at Oregon State, 4:30 PM

Line:  Beavs by 3

Root For:  Beavs

Why?  We want the Beavers to dominate the PAC 10 – or at least be a contender. Beating the lowly Sun Devils would be a necessary 1st step. Hopefully they can bounce back from their humiliating visit to the Blue.


 #9 Stanford at #4 Oregon

Line:  Qwackers by 7

Root For:  Qwackers

Why?  This is a tough one. While the Qwackers are nipping at our heels, I’d love to hear the pollster try to justify his reason for putting the Ducks ahead of our Broncos – the same team that squashed Oregon two years in a row. Our win(s) over the Ducks can only boost our rep if the Qwackers keep dominating the PAC 10 (until they play the Beavs).



Cal (played Bronco opponent Nevada) and Arizona (played Bronco opponent Toledo) have the week off.

Hawaii (2-2) and LaTech (1-3) play each other this week. Not sure if it matters who wins.



Check back on Monday for results. 

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