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OBNUG Pick 'Em: Week Four Games and Week Three Winners

I had a great time in Boise for the game last week. My brother and I woke up very early to meet Kevan and his wife to go down to GameDay. We had big aspirations for our Mark May head as we stood in line. But, by the time we made it to the door, the screener confiscated it saying that we couldn't have any signs with something personal against someone who was on the show. They even took Kevan's Sharpie so we were unable to modify the signs that did make it in. And, yes, the screener even confiscated the "Fiskers 3:16" sign. We were devastated.

We did make it in with the Mark May quotes that we had intended to hold up next to the head but they didn't make much sense. We scrapped the ones that said "These glasses aren't prescription" and "Mad Men is overrated" and I tried to hold up the signs saying "I'm not impressed with Gandhi's body of work" and "I'd like to see General Schwarzkopf play an Ottoman Empire schedule" but after numerous people asking me what the signs meant, we eventually gave up on those too.

So, congrats for those of you who had your signs make it in. I don't know how the Mark May sign entitled "This tool brought to you by The Home Depot" made it in, but I enjoyed that immensely. Also, props to Munson for the lighthouse effect on the cameras.  

Join me after the jump for a look at the week ahead.

Week 3 Winner

Another week, another tiebreaker. This week we had 2 users with 7-3 records.


But the winner via tiebreaker is KELLEN HAS A HAWKINS. Well done, sir. Does this mean Kellen has Cody stuffed in his closet? I need more clarification.

Overall Standings

Below are the overall standings after the first four weeks of play with the worst week being dropped.

No. Username W-L-T
 TITORAY  20-6-0
 BROW7237  19-10-0
 D_SUMMIT  19-10-0
 JAHKASS  19-7-0
 CAMDIZZLE  19-7-0
10   GREEKPADRE  18-11-0

Week 4 Games

We have an early game this Friday night, so make sure to get your picks in on time.

BYU (1-3) at UTAH ST. (1-3) +5.5

Pick: Utah State

Who else is really enjoying the demise of BYU? A loss to Utah State would be especially sweet.

#2 Ohio St. (4-0) at ILLINOIS (2-1) +17.5

Pick: Ohio State

I'm picking Ohio State but my heart is with the Zooker. Hopefully they can pull another upset similar to 2007, but it doesn't seem likely.

Idaho (2-2) at WESTERN MICHIGAN (1-2) +2.5  

Pick: Idaho

Now that Idaho lost to lowly Colorado State, I'd rather just have them lose out. Screw SOS.

#21 Texas (3-1) at #8 OKLAHOMA (4-0) -3.5  

Pick: Texas

Texas looked bad against UCLA but Oklahoma didn't look much better against Cincy. I'm hoping for Texas to be fired up and come away with the upset.

#9 Stanford (4-0) at #4 OREGON (4-0) -6.5  

Pick: Stanford

I hate Oregon. That is all. Well, and Stanford is pretty good.

#7 Florida (4-0) at #1 ALABAMA (4-0) -9.5  

Pick: Florida

I have no clue how good either of these teams are. I think Florida will at least keep it close.

#25 Nevada (4-0) at UNLV (1-3) +20.5  

Pick: Nevada

Check out Nevada's schedule. Doesn't that look like they should be undefeated come November 26th? That's what I'm hoping for.

Louisiana Tech (1-3) at HAWAII (2-2) -8.5

Pick: Hawaii

That's a long trip for La Tech. I'm picking Hawaii due to jet lag.

#3 Boise St. (3-0) at NEW MEXICO ST. (0-3) +42.5

Pick: New Mexico State

My first time this season going against he Broncos. 42.5 points is a lot and Coach Pete has made it clear that he isn't going to run up the score. I hope I'm wrong.