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OBNUG BlogPoll Draft: How far should Texas fall?

Between early morning Gameday, an afternoon of tailgating, and the main event Saturday night, there was not much chance to watch what else was happening in the college football world. Other than the last 1:48 of the Arkansas/Alabama game, the tilt with the Beavers was the only football I watched this week. For the first time, this week's draft poll was generated by relying heavily on last week's final poll and the scores from this week. As with the Boise State game, the score does not tell the whole story, so total offense, total defense, and the scores by quarter were factored in determining how impressive (Stanford) or how bad (Texas) a team really looked.

Chime in with your observations from the weekend and suggest changes to this week's OBNUG BlogPoll submission.


This week's observations

Auburn moves up with the win over South Carolina.  I didn't want to drop South Carolina that far (and out of the poll) but I couldn't figure out who to leave out.  I could easily be talked in to moving the Gamecocks from anywhere between #15 and #30.

Florida appeared to be more in line with their preseason expectations, giving their first dominating effort of 2010.  Their four opponents have a combined seven wins of their own against FBS teams - best in CFB.

Nebraska showed they can play down to their competition with a lackluster home effort against South Dakota State.  Given the Huskers' previous explosiveness, they were given a one-week free pass from a free fall in the rankings.

The Big 10 went to the Big XII school of scheduling, playing mostly cupcakes in order to have half the conference undefeated heading into league play.  How is one to tell how good a conference is when there are so few elite inter-conference matchups?

Oregon, Wisconsin, and Utah all have 4-0 records.  Each team's four opponents have one combined win against FBS competition.  Indiana and Texas A&M are both 3-0 but there opponents are yet to win against an FBS foe.

Post your observations

What would your poll look like?  What unranked undefeated teams should be considered? Share your thoughts in the comments. All feedback is considered for changes to the BlogPoll.

Update: [Note by Kevan Lee, 09/28/10 1:28 PM MDT ]

Thanks for the feedback. Miami slides down below Arkansas, because that is what commenters demand.