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Three stars and one goat from Boise State's win over Oregon State

BOISE ID - SEPTEMBER 25:  Quarterback Kellen Moore #11 and the Boise State Broncos celebrates a touchdown against the Oregon Stage Beavers at Bronco Stadium on September 25 2010 in Boise Idaho.  (Photo by Otto Kitsinger III/Getty Images)
BOISE ID - SEPTEMBER 25: Quarterback Kellen Moore #11 and the Boise State Broncos celebrates a touchdown against the Oregon Stage Beavers at Bronco Stadium on September 25 2010 in Boise Idaho. (Photo by Otto Kitsinger III/Getty Images)
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Well it wasn't quite the extreme blowout that I wrote about in my mental journal all week, but a win is a win. 

Boise State's win over Oregon State on Saturday night had more twists and turns than my best ever built K'Nex roller coaster; and that's saying a lot. Join me now after the jump as I try to pick out the the three stars and one goat of Boise State's win over Oregon State. Then sound off in the comments on who gets your stars, and who was your one goat.

Naming three stars of the game is a hockey tradition that Kevan has asked me to bogart for Bronco games. More info here, if you're interested. 


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Star No. 3: Titus Young

Titus was a terror on the long ball all night long. He was kind of like the Shea McClellin of the offense, giving his opposition nightmares on the deep routes. Titus would have been the No. 2 or No. 1 star had he not tried to field an awful punt. Instead of calling for the fair catch, always the competitor, he tried to field the lopsided punt. He ended up fumbling the ball and turning it over to Oregon State with fantastic field position. On the upside, Titus ended with 5 receptions for 136 yards, and one touchdown. Austin Pettis gave Titus a run for his No. 3 spot with his end around TD pass to Tommy Gallarda. Not to mention, Titus had an incredible one handed catch on a deep ball from Kellen that resulted in a TD. Titus' consistent performance, regardless of his costly mistake, earned him the No. 3 spot in Boise State's win over Oregon State.

Star No. 2: Kellen Moore

On any other team, 19/27 passing, 288 yards, and three touchdowns would earn you the No.1 star of the night. However, when there is a muscle hamster on the team, you'll be lucky to even get a star. More on that later. Kellen struggled a bit early on, but when it came down to it, he proved his title once again as the "Iceman" and put together some incredibly efficient drives down the stretch. He kept his cool when it was most important and showed the world - via ABC/ESPN 3D - why he is the captain of this ship. Kellen has thrown for almost 1,000 yards already this season, and has a passer rating of 168 (which, by the way is 7 points higher than what he finished at last year). Because of this, and my man crush, Kellen Moore has earned his spot as Star No. 2 of Boise State's win over Oregon State.

Star No.1: Doug Martin

If I wasn't so afraid of pain and needles I would totally get a "#teammusclehamster" tattoo on my arm. I would venture to say that thousands of others are beginning to feel the same as Doug continues to make believers of the naysayers. Doug's running is like poetry in motion. Every step is intentional and precise as he rumbles down the field. Some may not see the beautiful fluidity that is Doug's running. To the untrained eye, he appears to be nothing more than the human version of Optimus Prime, bombarding defenders as he drops his shoulder and plows over them. However, to the trained, fanatical eye, Doug's running is more methodic. More predictable as he sees the holes and reads the defense. 19 carries for 138 yards, and a consistent effort to always gain the extra yard earns you, Doug Martin, the award of Star No.1 of Boise State's win over Oregon State. 

Just to prove that there is a true Team Muscle Hamster following out there in Bronco Nation, here is a pic I snapped of one of his biggest supporters.


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The Goat: The Referees

In my short 24 years of existence, Saturday night's game was some of the worst calls by an officiating crew I have ever seen. I replayed the Winston Venable supposed late hit in the 3rd quarter that got him sidelined by Coach Pete, and I can truly say that Winston did not even hit the Oregon State player. He may have led with his helmet, but no contact was made. The officiating in the third quarter alone was enough to drive Coach Pete mad who is constantly striving for perfection, as the inordinate amount of penalties called seemed to always be against the Broncos. I will say, that Boise State special teams coverage gave the refs a good run for their money as the goat, but the officiating eventually prevailed and earned the refs their title as the Goat of Boise State's win over Oregon State.

Your Turn

Sound off in the comments and let us know if we got this one right. Who were your stars? Who was your goat? What are you hoping the Broncos can improve on next week as they travel to Las Cruces to take on New Mexico state? Anyone else incredibly happy to see the tee retrieving dog back on the blue? And more importantly, are you a member of Team Muscle Hamster?