I didn't think the readrship would mind if I pinched ol' Adolph's title from his opus magnus. A lot of people don't know the Fuerher was an avid fan of American collegiate football and could line-diagram a game in the fashion of the '20s; several are displayed at the Allied War Museum in Brussels. But you had to be careful with Alf; if he said "let's put a few skins on the game" you needed to be sure just exactly WHAT was being wagered. In the same vein, if he said "you're gonna' lose your ass on this one", well, he was a notorious sorehead- you just might. On the other hand he was a genial host, often telling his entourage on the spur of the moment "drop by for the game if you're free; I'll just pop someone in the oven". And talk about helmet logos! I wasn't a fan of National Socialism, but even after 80 years the swastika still gets a reaction. When it comes to brand-name identity, the Germans take a backseat to no one!

I offer the following in no particular order:

*) 'Quizz- meet the Bronco Quizzinart; it mangles, crushes, emulsifies. I've watched him his entire career, but I just don't get the idea that he is the type of back that can do fundamental damage to our defense. Not unless their O-line can tear us a new one. I know he's shifty, explosive. But I think the straight ahead power back is (was) our D's natural nemesis. Even then, our presence in the "7" has ameliorated even that. If we're playing back where I think we'll be playing, he'll get some yards, but nothing we can't handle.

*) Katz: He is a credible Div I QB; can he beat the Broncos w/o the run? Question answers itself IMO (of course its my opinion; what else would I write-yours?). Only seen 2 games; he has some good recievers. I don't think James R. is his best. My next point will cover our deficincies, but just looking at Katz qua Katz, I do not think he can do to us what KM did to Oregon in '08. I dont' think he can come into a loud stadium as a relatively new starter, before a raucous crowd, and win the game as KM essentially did.

*) Our DBacks: First week, everyone looked off. Last week, we saw Brandyn stiffen up. If there is a progression here ("progress" in the sense of improvement) we should be ok. But let's be clear: there HAS to be improvement. Oregon State has as capable a crew at WR as we'll see. We won't be able to rely solely on our front 4; our new former-Cal-D-coordinator may have some schemes, but Yates et al have got to get the ass-head-wired-together thing goin' on. Pressure Katz. IF the probelm is CB/safety assignment clarity, we should be ok as this is coachable issue. If problem is after 4 years we got used to #1 lock-down CB closing off one WR and no longer have the talent to match up, we'll know very soon with these guys.

*) With regard to above, wish we had Robinson. Rotating 2 very good safeties ups our game. But we don't. Acrey & Hout cover well for big guys, and maybe the 'Quizz Kid's style more amenable to a Percy/Tevis combo. Tommy can also get back. I keep coming back to the LBs on this one.

*) Our O-line; been good, this will be stern test. I like our use of TEs and FBs to complement a lighter line. We get good blocking schemes. I think we win this one in the long term, but there may be glitches early on.

*) Efaw has not gotten into scheme. Maybe being OPOG of Fiesta a mixed blessing.

*) Burks & Hiwat: I was wrong I thought Burks would be clear #3. Shoe gets that nod, and Hiwat after him. I still think Burks has some surprises. Burks & Hiwat look like Oregon State's WRs.

There; my 2 cents, covering things not covered elsewhere. Boiled down football is about the "lines" and ours look good. Broncos and fans will be sky high, but Broncos have shown remarkable focus in 2 challenging (for very different reasons) matchups. Here's hoping for more of the same Saturday!

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