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Sign me up: A guide to Gameday signage

College Gameday is coming to town this Saturday for the Oregon State game! No doubt Erin Andrews will have tongues wagging, Lee Corso will have heads scratching, and Chris Fowler will be doing his best impersonation of a sentient humanoid. Of course Gameday also brings the opportunity for die-hards to let their voices be heard through the magic of homemade signs. After the jump, I'll give you a run-down of the different types of signs you will no doubt see bright and early this weekend, and a few that maybe you yourself should be holding.

The pun sign

Trust me, you're going to see the good, the bad, and the ugly of sign puns on Saturday's an example of a bad pun sign (or a played-out one, at any rate): Badpun_medium

...and here's an example of a more subtle pun sign:


The inside joke sign

No Gameday sign tour would be complete without "inside joke" signs. These are the signs that are designed to give the home fans a bit of a wink wink nudge nudge. I highly recommend going this route.





The double-entendre sign


The offensive sign

One or two of these are bound to sneak through. As tempting as it is...don't be this guy.


The "we'll pay you five bucks" sign


The strategic sign

As hard as it is to believe...some non-Boise State fans are bound to show up. There's the WSU Cougar flag that's always on display, and trust me, some Vandals are going to try to crash our party. So what can you do instead of burning their signs to the ground? Observe.


The insane sign

Last but certainly not least would be the insane sign. This one may be scrawled on the back of a flattened pizza box and may or not be legible...but if you see something like this on Saturday, don't say we didn't warn you.


I've provided the "Doug Mad, Doug Smash!" .eps file HERE if anyone wants to use it. It's fully scalable and not resolution dependent. Huzzah!

Get out there and sign it up, people!