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OBNUG Pick 'Em: Week Three Winners and Week Four Games

I did not get to watch the Wyoming game last Saturday due to the MWC's archaic TV deal and Comcast being terrible. Apparently Comcast offers the CBS College Sports channel, just not in my area (Nashville). I guess it's a "regional" channel even though the name of it would seem to suggest otherwise. It's headquartered in New York and owned by CBS. I'm not sure what part of "College Sports" the Southeast doesn't qualify for.

Couple this with the fact that I can't get the Mtn. network, which is actually owned by Comcast, and you can see why I'll be looking to switch to DirecTV next summer. Even if that means moving so that I can get an HD signal from DirecTV.

So, all that to say, I had to settle for AP recaps and OBNUG notes until the wonderful davadams came through with his highlight package. Now I finally know what the pictured flip from Austin Pettis actually looked like. Join me after the jump for a look back at last week's games and what's on the slate for week four.

WAC Attack!

A quick search of Google News revealed that no one has used this headline pun recently. Color me surprised! 

The WAC is trying to do its best strength-of-schedule-wise to make up for where Virginia Tech has dropped off. Nevada had an impressive showing on Friday night, dismantling Cal 52-31. Nevada's run game was in fine form, racking up 316 yards on the ground. Colin Kaepernick accounted for 5 TDs.

If Cal can get a win over a surprising Arizona team next week, this win will loom even larger for Nevada. Couple that with a winnable game for the Pack against a reeling BYU team, and Nevada will surely crack the Top 25 next week with a win. 

If anybody is starting to get worried about Nevada, however, it should be noted that they gave up 225 yards on the ground to Cal on Friday night. 

Fresno State had a predictable win over Utah State on Saturday. They currently sit at 2-0 with a trip to Oxford this Saturday to take on an Ole Miss team that has looked less than stellar so far this year. However, they do have a slew of injuries (HT: Loque). But if they can get by Ole Miss, it looks possible that Fresno and Nevada could both be undefeated before their November 13th matchup in Fresno. College Gameday trip? Yeah, probably not.

Elsewhere in the WAC, Idaho killed UNLV in Moscow. Take that MWC!

Week 3 Winners

For the first time this year, we had two users with perfect picks on all seven games.

Congratulations to the following users both going 7-0 on the week:

Coming down to the tiebreaker, the Week 3 winner is HISCORE, narrowly edging out JOE BOB PRIDDY.

Overall Standings

Below are the overall standings after the first three weeks of play with the worst week being dropped.

Username W-L-T
 TITORAY  15-4-0
 HISCORE  14-3-0
 CAMDIZZLE  14-5-0
10   JAHKASS  13-4-0


Week 4 Games

We're back to 10 games this week with some interesting matchups on the national stage.

#1 Alabama (3-0) at #10 ARKANSAS (3-0) +7.5

Pick: Arkansas

I don't really feel like Alabama has been tested so far. Not sure that Arkansas can win, but I think it will be close.

Idaho (2-1) at COLORADO ST. (0-3) +7.5

Pick: Idaho

The Vandals don't scare me, so as much as I hate them, I don't mind if they keep winning.

Nevada (3-0) at BYU (1-2) +5.5

Pick: Nevada

BYU is in a tailspin and I hope Nevada buries them. I'm sick of people calling BYU a tough game for TCU.

New Mexico St. (0-2) at KANSAS (1-2) -21.5

Pick: Kansas

A really bad team giving 21.5 points to another really bad team? I don't even know what to say about this game.

Southern Miss (2-1) at LOUISIANA TECH (1-2) +4.5

Pick: Southern Miss

Looks like Louisiana Tech has picked up where Derek Dooley has left off.

Fresno St. (2-0) at MISSISSIPPI (1-2) -2.5

Pick: Fresno State

As many injuries as Fresno has had, I still think they can grind out this game. Could be big for Boise State's SOS.

San Jose St. (1-2) at #13 UTAH (3-0) -33.5

Pick: San Jose State

I think San Jose State can keep it close. Also, how much money have they earned for these first four weeks?

Utah St. (1-2) at SAN DIEGO ST. (2-1) -7.5

Pick: Utah State

Another game that I don't have any opinions on.

#5 Oregon (3-0) at ARIZONA ST. (2-1) +10.5

Pick: Oregon

Oregon is good at beating bad to mediocre teams. It's those good teams that give them fits.

#24 Oregon St. (1-1) at #3 BOISE ST. (2-0) -17.5

Pick: Boise State

17.5 points is a lot, but this is Boise State's first home game this year. It's their first nationally televised network game (regular season). Oregon State painting their field blue just furthers the psychological advantage that Boise State already has. I think this could be an old fashioned rout.

Thanks to those that emailed me about Oregon State tickets. I have not been able to secure any so far. I am still planning on coming into town for Gameday, so if you are there, look for me and Kevan and our sign. Also, we'll also be having another post with some tips and things to expect at Gameday, so look out for that.