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Serve it up: The Humble Pie is Ready.


As you may remember, OBNUG cooked a delicious rhubarb humble pie to serve to all the Boise State doubters, haters, and naysayers after last year's Fiesta Bowl win over TCU. Well, we cooked a brand new humble pie on Monday night and it's been cooling on the windowsill ever since. I think it's now safe to dole out slices to the current batch of haters (that Mark May must have a terrible sweet tooth)...did I mention it's apple? After the jump, we'll provide the pie and it's up to you to decide on the worthy recipients. Photoshop...AWAY!

HERE is your delicious homemade humble pie. Serve it to whomever you'd like. I've taken the liberty of placing it on a transparent background for those of you that aren't so good with the Photoshoppe. And might I suggest a few hungry recipients? Mark May, Craig James, Duke head coach David Cutliffe, Hokie Boyz, Andre Ware, Gregg Doyel, Bob Molinaro, Colin Cowherd...