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Boise State Nike Pro Combat uniforms unveiled, Broncos to wear them against Virginia Tech

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uniform splash
uniform splash

Boise State's Nike Pro Combat uniforms were unveiled today much to the delight of the color gray. The Broncos' unis debuted alongside nine other college football teams, and Boise State announced that it will wear the fancy duds in the season opener on Monday against Virginia Tech.

More photos after the jump, and a full description and Flash site devoted to the unis over at Nike (HT: Intern). What are your thoughts on the uniforms?

Also thanks to the Intern for catching this item: Pro Combat jerseys are available to purchase at the Blue and Orange Store for $80.00. There's even a coupon code for you.

Nike released a pdf document detailing the reasons behind each of the designs. Here is a taste of Boise State's thought process:

The Boise State Nike Pro Combat System of Dress makes a statement in Silver Wing and vivid Game Royal, echoing the famed blue turf of Bronco Stadium. Nike designers also drew inspiration from the school's mascot, noting a link between Boise State's unpredictable style of play and the headstrong nature of an untamed horse.

Here is Nike's list of main features:


  • A reflective, orange-eyed bronco-head logo is found on the right shoulder of the jersey.
  • The same logo wraps around the side of the chrome Game Royal helmet, with the player's number at the back lower right corner.
  • Boise State's incalculable style is referenced in the asymmetrical placement of motifs throughout the uniform.
  • The cuff of the left sleeve is bound in orange.
  • On the left knee rests a slanted block "B," while "Broncos" appears on the side of the right leg-both in reflective lettering that will shine under the lights of FedEx Field.
  • Corresponding gloves capture Boise State's pride: The slogan "Bleed Blue" is used as a background pattern for a bronco head that forms on the gloves when the palms face outward. "Bleed Blue," a saying adopted by the players, can also be found inside the back collar of the jersey.
  • Footwear in Game Royal and Silver Wing with orange-tipped studs completes the commanding ensemble.









OBNUG's Nick was present at the uniform unveiling in New York City, so feel free to be jealous of him as much as you want. He did provide these pics though.














Kyle Tucker's VT blog has details on the full lineup of uniforms:

  • Miami: Tonal Fir palm-frond print emblematic of South Florida incorporated into the jersey numbers, pant and footwear.
  • Alabama: Houndstooth check pattern incorporated into the uniform in tribute to legendary coach Paul "Bear" Bryant.
  • Boise State: Reflective, Game Royal Bronco head on the uniform echoes the famed blue turf of Bronco stadium.
  • Florida: Alligator-skin motif used in the jersey numbers, pant, gloves and footwear inspired by menacing Gator mascot.
  • Ohio State: Stylized script numbers, a replica U.S. flag on the jersey sleeve and the camouflage-print base layer honor the WWII-bound Buckeyes, National Champions of 1942.
  • Oregon State: Retro design revives a look worn by the victorious 1967 "Giant Killers."
  • Pittsburgh: Notched Team Gold jersey numbers and stencil stripe on the helmet evoke steel I-beams in reference to Pittsburgh's steel industry.
  • TCU: Icy lizard-skin pattern used throughout the uniform inspired by the scaly body armor of TCU's horned frog mascot and a memorable quote from celebrated coach Leo "Dutch" Meyer.
  • Virginia Tech: All-black uniform references the cadet gray-and-black regalia worn by Virginia Tech's original football team and honors the school's current Corps of Cadets.
  • West Virginia: A headlamp-like line running front-to-back on the helmet and smudged Black pattern on the uniform pay respect to the region's coal mining industry.