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Rank Em: The top players, games, and more from Boise State's 2010 season [Season Preview]

Boise State's season opener is less than a month away, so it's high time to get some season previews going. Before the in-depth stuff kicks off tomorrow, we'll start today off with a talk show favorite: Ranking stuff and junk.

After the jump, play along as I throw around five topics with five candidates to rank and discuss. Who is the Broncos' breakout redshirt freshman? Who is the team's most valuable senior? And what fresh torture would a Human Bowl berth be? Let's find out.

Breakout redshirt freshman

The candidates: OT Faraji Wright, OT Charles Leno, WR Aaron Burks, WR Geraldo Hiwat, DE Kharyee Marshall

Boise State's youngsters are deep and talented, and they include far more than just the five names I've mentioned above. That said, among the five names, I am inclined to pick between Wright and Leno for the biggest breakout of the bunch, simply because one of these two players is going to be the team's starting left tackle come September 6. My money is on Wright, who held a slight edge after spring. After that, Burks and Hiwat are my next two since I have a slight infatuation with them. Marshall would be higher if I thought he was going to get much playing time. Same with Leno.

My rankings

  1. Faraji Wright
  2. Aaron Burks
  3. Geraldo Hiwat
  4. Kharyee Marshall
  5. Charles Leno

Most important game other than Virginia Tech

The candidates: Wyoming, Oregon State, Nevada, Fresno State, Idaho

I've made it pretty clear that the Oregon State game scares me almost as much as the Virginia Tech game. As such, it gets my No. 1. I really wanted to put Nevada at No. 1 since that matchup will probably decide the WAC title, but Boise State just seems to have the Pack figured out. Wyoming is likely to present more of a challenge than Fresno State since that game is on the road. I would understand if you rankings had Idaho higher, but mine don't because I am pretty sure the Vandals will be terrible this year.

My rankings

  1. Oregon State
  2. Nevada
  3. Wyoming
  4. Fresno State
  5. Idaho

Boise State's biggest senior season

The candidates: WR Austin Pettis, WR Titus Young, DE Ryan Winterswyk, S Jeron Johnson, NB Winston Venable

Which Boise State senior will put together the best farewell season? I'm going with Winterswyk, who I consider to be a favorite for WAC DPOY. You couldn't go wrong picking Pettis or Young either, but I think that sharing the statistical wealth between the two of them will bump them slightly behind Winterswyk. Johnson and Venable were pretty interchangeable for me. I gave the nod to Johnson since I think he'll see more time on the field.

My rankings

  1. Ryan Winterswyk
  2. Austin Pettis
  3. Titus Young
  4. Jeron Johnson
  5. Winston Venable

The Boise State bowl game you are most looking forward to

The candidates: Rose Bowl, Fiesta Bowl, Poinsettia Bowl, Hawaii Bowl, Humanitarian Bowl

You will notice that I did not include the national championship in this list, mostly because it is not a bowl game but also because that would just be too obvious. Still, having the Rose Bowl in there is pretty obvious, too. That was my clear-cut No. 1. The Fiesta is next, only because it is a BCS bowl. The Poinsettia follows that, only because it is not the Human Bowl. I put the Hawaii Bowl last because I would just prefer that the Broncos are never associated with the Hawaii Bowl ever again.

My rankings

  1. Rose Bowl
  2. Fiesta Bowl
  3. Poinsettia Bowl
  4. Humanitarian Bowl
  5. Hawaii Bowl

Your turn

How would you rank these lists? Are you as sold on Ryan Winterswyk as I am? Do you despise the Hawaii Bowl with the same vehemence? Share your thoughts in the comments.