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The Boise State Broncos anagram roster: Oh yeah, this is happening

Boise State football begins Fall Camp tomorrow, which is the second best news you will hear all day. The first best? Byron Hout's anagram roster name.

After the jump, I run the Bronco roster through an anagram server with predictably humorous results. Enjoy.

(An anagram is like a word jumble; you take the letters from a word or phrase and mix them up to see what other words or phrases you can come up with. Try it for yourself.)

Derrell Acrey Elderly Carer

Michael Ames Malice Shame

Jeremy Avery Merry Veejay

Chase Baker Bake Chaser

Josh Borgman Mah-jongs Rob

Kyle Brotzman Knot My Blazer

Jonathan Brown North Wanna Job

Jake Broyles Jokey Balers

Thomas Byrd Hydra Tombs

Mike Coughlin Coking Helium

Tyrone Crawford Corny Afterword


Billy Derome Limb Yodeler

Bryan Douglas Ladybug Sonar

Kyle Efaw Leaky Few

Brad Elkin Drinkable

Jerrell Gavins Silver Jangler

Chuck Hayes Yeah Chucks

Grant Hedrick Thick Grander

Geraldo Hiwat Ideal Warthog

Jarvis Hodge Jihad Groves

Byron Hout Runty Hobo

George Iloka I Look Reggae

Matt Kaiserman Stamina Market

Dustin Kamper Nuked Armpits

Raphiel Lambert Hairball Temper

Darren Lee Renal Deer

Charles Leno Hello Cranes

Gabe Linehan Healing Bean

Daron Mackey Monk Daycare

Kharyee Marshall A Hallmark Heresy

Doug Martin Datum Groin

Allen Mooney Enamel Loony

Kirby Moore Roomy Biker

Hazen Moss Smash Zone

Antwon Murray Matron Runway

Matt Paradis Pastrami Tad

Dan Paul Dual Nap

Austin Pettis Pantsuit Site

Chris Potter Pert Ostrich

Nate Potter Parent Tote

Chris Roberson Born Cirrhoses

Tyler Shoemaker Homely Streaker

Matt Slater Tattle Arms

Joe Southwick Oh Justice Wok

Travis Stanaway Stairway Savant

Aaron Tevis Ante Savior

Dane Turner Errant Nude

Troy Ware Worry Eat

Dave Wilson Lawn Videos

Matt Wilson Woman Stilt

Chris Petersen Respect Shrine