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Doug Martin named Boise State's starting running back against Virginia Tech

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You may want to sit down for this: Doug Martin will be Boise State's starting running back on Labor Day night against Virginia Tech.

Martin beat out Jeremy Avery and D.J. Harper for the gig, according to the latest Boise State depth chart, which conveniently matches the fake depth chart that Bronco fans have been making all summer. Martin was Boise State's most effective running back for long stretches last season, and now he gets a chance to shine in a starting role. Not bad for someone who was on defense 12 months ago.

Other notable notes from the depth chart release:

  • Thomas Byrd beat out Joe Kellogg for the start at center.
  • Faraji Wright held off a late charge from Charles Leno at left tackle.
  • The offensive line from LT to RT: Faraji Wright, Nate Potter, Thomas Byrd, Will Lawrence, Brenel Myers.
  • Byron Hout and Derrell Acrey are listed as co-starters at MLB.
  • Joe Southwick and Michael Coughlin are listed as co-backups at QB.
  • Titus Young and Mitch Burroughs are both listed as punt returner.
  • Your long snapper? Byron Hout.

The full depth chart is embedded after the jump, and I'll have a complete depth chart breakdown later this week. But for now, go riot in the streets or something. Doug Martin is Boise State's starting running back!

Boise State depth chart vs. Virginia Tech